a test of marathon dedication

February 8, 2009

i have to work in the emergency department today from 10 am to 10 pm, because i made a switch with someone. while it will be fabulous having only ONE weekend to work next month, it hurts a little today, for two reasons:

1) i’ve never worked down there before, so i’m nervous!

2) i have a 12 mile run on my schedule for today.

given that civil twilight apparently begins at 6:45 AM in this area (seriously, i’m ready for spring already!), that’s going to be my targeted start time, giving me plenty of time to shower and get ready for the (long) workday to follow. i’m worried that the effort is going to wear me out, but hopefully the excitement/nervousness associated with working in a new environment will give me energy to survive the rest of the day!

i figure if i can accomplish this, fitting in the rest of training should be a breeze.

fortunately, it’s a mild 47 degrees out. and maybe i’ll even get to see the sunrise.

okay, time to get ready. it’s starting to look a little twilight-y already. if you are reading this at noon on sunday after a refreshing 12 hours of sleep — well, i’m jealous.



workout: 5K, with PR time 23:17 (7:30/mi average)

reading: ~ an hour working on yet another upcoming presentation

doin’ time: admittedly, this week was a bust, martha-wise. hopefully next week will allow for some more culinary adventures!


post-run addendum: 12.24 miles in 1:54 (9:18/mi average) in the hills of CH. mission accomplished!

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  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    your running dedication is inspiring

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