11th hour

March 24, 2009

thanks for all of your comments on my pictures — you are all so nice! it feels weird to be blogging so late — back when my sleep cycle wasn’t completely busted (ie, before my ER rotation), i would have been in bed long ago. now i’m supposed to undo my acclimatization to working nights in an instant, and be fresh & ready to start my community block tomorrow. i’m not sure how things will go, but luckily i’m feeling a litle sleepy already as i write this.

community is an odd rotation, as residency rotations go. rather than doing the usual inpatient or outpatient jazz, we get to spend a month branching out into the community to see all kinds of services/programs related to the well-being of children — anything ranging from advocacy (ie, going to the state courthouse and lobbying for better services for special-needs kids) to pediatric dentistry fits into this month. i’ll be going out into various parts of durham into patient’s homes and schools (i’m so excited for our pre-K nutrition class! cute!).

anyway, it should be fun and an interesting break from the usual. the schedule is pretty cush, and i only have to work one weekend! basically, my lifestyle for the next 2 months is going to be lovely, and then it’s back to the usual. i plan on enjoying this gentler routine as much as possible while it lasts!

[speaking of gentle, the ending to my ER career was not — there were no fewer than THREE pediatric traumas brought into the ER between the hours of 2 and 5 am. not to mention a 3 week old with a fever that i had to tap in my very last minutes of my very last shift. fortunately, the CSF champagne was flowing and i left on a good note].



workout: i wanted to run, but my hip didn’t. so i did an XT mixup — 20 minutes each of elliptical and cycling. the combo makes it go so fast!