i heart monday

March 30, 2009

seriously. i may be the only one, but i have to admit i enjoy the fresh beginning of a new week. it’s true that i’m not so sunshine-and-rainbows about mondays when i’m in the ICU on my 8th day in a row out of 14, but as long as i’ve had some weekend time to do the essentials, it’s a nice, glass-half-full kind of day.

so, hi! good morning.

dental dazzler
today i get to spend my morning at the dentist. not to have my own mouth invaded (if this were the case, i doubt i’d be in such a pleasant mood), but to see what the pediatric dentist does with the 2-years-and-up crowd that we refer on a regular basis.

poor dental health is a real problem in our area — i’ve seen many a child with front baby teeth rotted completely out long before their time came for release. yes, parents, there are multiple reasons not to provide your child with a nightly bottle of mountain dew to rock to sleep with (or juice or formula, for that matter). anyway, so today i’ll get to see what can be done when this happens, and probably a whole lot more.

maybe it will motivate me back to flossing. because as usual, it’s march and i’ve fallen off the wagon. BUT I’M GETTING BACK ON.

running commentary
so in three weeks, there is a half marathon (charlottesville) that i would like to run. not race, mind you, but run. my hip seems to be at a steady state — not competely healed, but only very minor twinges from time to time. i still don’t think i’m ready for running on back-to-back days, but i don’t seem to be having problems with 3 runs/week (and cross-training the rest of the time). i think that all of the yoga, ART, and maybe even strength training (shred!) are helping me heal, and i am very happy about this. injury-wise, i feel that i could do this race without hurting myself, and that’s exciting.

however, for the first time in a while, i’m not sure that i’m cardiovascularly up to running 13 miles! while i had been doing a 10-14 mile long run at the end of every week from december to february 22, i then had to stop abruptly, sit on my butt for 10 days, and then gradually rebuild. for week 1 of rehab, i just ellipticated. then i began to incorporate running — and in the past 2 weeks, i’ve done a total of 6 4-5 mile runs. i’d love to say that they have felt easy, but it would be a big fat lie. a couple of them have been better than others, but i have yet to finish feeling like i could tackle 8 more.

here is my tentative plan given that i do have 3 weeks to play with:
• continue pattern of 3 runs / 3 cardio XT workouts per week
• continue yoga, shredding, and ART
• attempt to lengthen weekly long run — this week 7-8 miles, and next week i’ll try for 9-10

if those runs go okay, i’ll plan on doing the half. it is a beautiful course (check out these pretty pictures here) and i missed it due to injury last year — i’d love to get the chance to go back and just soak in the camaraderie and the scenery. i can’t remember the last time i’ve done a race just for the experience (rather than to achieve a specific time or beat a PR), and it sounds like a lot of fun. and, it will be awesome to reward myself with frozen yogurt (arch’s!) and shopping with vickie. yay!

and if i am not up to the distance, i’ll just go anyway and drown my sorrows in shopping. either way, everyone wins (especially the retail district of downtown charlottesville).



workout: sunday was a well-earned rest day. the rest of the week’s totals:
spin class x 1 + 20 min stat bike
running x 3 (total of 14 miles)
elliptical x 2
30-day shred x 2, level 1
yoga x 1

low on the mileage, of course, but a nice balance. this week i would like to sneak in some more yoga, though!

doin’ time: nada over the weekend. but the fridge is ready for a week of martha delicacies. i’m loving the all of the options in the spring section!

reading: again, nada. but i am going to make this a focus for this week. starting . . . now!


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Charlottesville is my favorite race that I’ve ever done.

  • Reply da March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I go with the songsters: “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down,” “Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day,” “Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday,” etc.
    L, da

  • Reply Jessica March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I just hope you got your hill training if you’re planning to run C-Ville! 🙂
    *sigh* I miss the southeast. I’ll trade you the C-Ville race for the flat and dead Illinois prairie.

    Good luck getting back into the long runs!

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