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March 15, 2009

baby ellie
big public welcome to my new niece, baby ellie. at 5 lbs 11 ounces, she is at the cutest possible baby size (in my opinon). i can’t wait to meet her in person in 2 weeks!

i may have just started my morning by downloading lady gaga’s album the fame. i realize how i late i am to be jumping onto her bandwagon, but i needed some fun workout music and i love her voice. she sounds a lot like christina aguilera to me — my other not-all-that-guilty pleasure. i’m pumped to hit the elliptical with her later today.

and speaking of blonde bombshells . . .
i don’t recall exactly how the conversation with my father yesterday led me to google ‘doctor barbie’, but i was so excited about my finds that i simply must share them. mattel was smart in that they chose the doctor role model little girls can most relate to — the pediatrician! while there was a surgeon barbie (in the 1970s), today’s dolls are all about caring for kids and babies. there really isn’t much glamour in pediatrics, but i am proud that barbie is moved to participate, pointed toes, silicone boobs, 15″ waist, and all.

all pictures below from amazon.com

this one’s outfit looks more nursing to me, but the package is labelled “baby doctor barbie” nonetheless.

that’s more like it! yes, i always carry around my patients like this. very safe.

out of the nursery and into the peds clinic!

the all important accessories — from growth charts to otoscope! tiny and awesome.

i kind of want one. is that bad? maybe i’ll wait for ‘pediatric endocrine’ barbie, complete with testicular measurement beads, growth hormone shots, and an insulin pump.

friend of martha!
i am excited to announce that i am now a member of the friends of martha blog network. this is a group of blogs that have anything to do with ms. martha, and since i’ve been doin’ time with martha for quite some time now i figured that i might qualify!

there are some very pretty food and lifestyle blogs on the site, and many, MANY good things. which i like. the truth is, there are so many not-so-good things going on right now that i think it’s important to spend some time on the positive. to sometimes lose yourself in creating the perfect muffin or tablescape (omg, i said tablescape) can be therapeutic and important.

and with that, i’m off to enjoy my sunday.

coming next week:
• 7 nights shifts in a row
• an attempt to return to some running
• the start of spring in the everyday food: great food fast cookbook.



workout: 1 hour spin class. average HR 177, max 189. if anyone reading this uses a HRM, is this close to what they get? i feel like that’s pretty high, but i was working hard for most of this class! nothing gets me sweatier than spinning (except for maybe running in miami).

reading: nada. oops. but vicky cristina barcelona was excellent! i wholeheartedly recommend.

restaurant review: as i had mentioned, we headed to durham for dinner with some friends. after years of wondering about the place, we finally gave blu seafood and bar a try. we liked it, but i wouldn’t necessarily give it raves. i had a nice glass of california sauvignon blanc and josh and i started with some oysters. these were fun, but i can’t say that i’m a huge fan. they just don’t have tons of flavor, and the texture is a little weird. for a main course, i had a scallops and shrimp dish with a tomato-based sauce and risotto. it was good, but it didn’t seem like something i couldn’t have made at home pretty easily. finally, they brought the table a complementary slice of key lime pie, which was okay but not as good as the one i usually make! it was still a fun night with great conversation and company.


  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    good luck on the return to running

  • Reply da March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Re: Barbie, I was telling you about an article in the AARP Bulletin. It’s at http://bulletin.aarp.org/yourworld/powerof50/articles/50_and_still_a_doll_.html. It talks about various Barbie milestones over the past 50 years and gives relevant statistics. The specific one was: 1973: Nurse Barbie goes to medical school, graduates as Surgeon Barbie. Did you know? Percentage of doctors who were female in the 1970s: 10. Today: 33.
    L, da

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