March 21, 2009

note to self: pep talk
it actually hasn’t been bad heading to work at night this week. i really didn’t mind it, especially knowing that i would finish when it was still nighttime. but today my shift is 7 pm to 7 am, and i’m dreading it. my shifts have pretty much flown by while i’m there because there is so much frenetic activity, but there’s a HUGE difference between working 8 and 12 hours. after being spoiled with eights for most of the month, tonight is going to feel like a week long.

but as josh would say, “buck up, little camper!” i have no idea where he got that saying, but it’s cute. let’s celebrate the fact that 12 hours is still nowhere near 30. really, it won’t be so bad. i think i’m just getting soft with the cushy life i’ve been leading for the past couple of rotations. hard to believe that just 7 weeks ago i was doing 30 hours at a time in the PICU!

i will do some stretchy yoga, pack some great work snacks, and just focus on each case as it comes. after all, only 2 more shifts left, and then i get to return to return to normal-person’s hours and move at a slower pace. ommmm.

today was the first time in a week that i’ve really interacted with anyone outside of work . . . including josh! we’ve been passing like ships in the night, although he is impressive and always rolls over at 3 in the morning when i’ve been coming home to ask, “how was your shift?”. though not always awake for the answer, i appreciate his effort.

after a quick treadmill run, i met some friends, cousins-in-law, my sister, and josh for lunch in downtown durham. i hadn’t been to parker and otis before, but the place was great! check out the menu:
my sister and i split the white bean/sprouts/avocado and egg salad/spinach sandwiches. due to the fact that my body is on nocturnal mode, i wasn’t really hungry for lunch yet, so josh ended up with the egg. now i NEED to go back to get one — it looked amazing.

my cousin-in-law, once removed, miss jane. what, is 2 too young to drive? she’s precocious.

gratuitous puppy pic (the shih tzu we dog-sat!)

me & sister: i still don’t see the resemblence. no, we are not twins. and yes, we look like we could both use about 5 more hours of sleep in this pic. also, i’m not trying to evoke 1990: my roots need straightening.

the reunited couple! finally.



workout: 45 minutes on the elliptical (ave HR 175), plus 30 day shred, level 1. there was a lot of sweat involved.

doin’ time: my first recipe from the spring section! i made shrimp pad thai, at josh’s request. it was easy and tasty, although it did not have the rich decadent quality that restaurant pad thai has. they must drench that stuff in oil — but it’s so good. anyway, martha’s was still tasty, and i had to omit the fish sauce because i was out. served with gingered snap peas. recipe in the sidebar!

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  • Reply The Happy Runner March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Wow, yeah, you and your sister look a lot alike!

    About the shoes — there is an Aldo near me so I will probably check them out. I didn’t even think of them. Thanks!!

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