April 22, 2009

tour de triangle
i actually have — gasp! — a full day of work today! basically, it will be a full-on tour of the triangle area: after i tackle the shred level 3 (which admittedly i am scared of, but it’s time to face my fears) at home in chapel hill, it’s off to raleigh for some pediatric advocacy, and then to durham for afternoon clinic. my poor 7 year old vw is piling on the miles, and i guess days like this are the reason why.

in addition to this multicity tour, i will be making good on my recent promise to do some volunteering! this evening i will be helping out with training new recruits to the active teens program (a pilot program started by one of the other residents — someone way more enterprising than i am!). basically, this program is a circuit workout for overweight teens (12 and up) referred by our healthy lifestyles program. the teens come with an adult workout buddy, and after an initial training (tonight!), they make a commitment to come for workouts twice weekly — for free! there are also additional outdoor activities, such as pickup basketball and a walk/jog around a local trail (i’ll be helping with that one next week).

anyway — it should be a fun and full day! i need to get started. jillian, please don’t hurt me . . .

banana bonanza
i had 1.5 yellow-brown bananas staring sadly at me from the fruit bowl for the past several days. neither josh nor i like to eat them in that state, so the fate of these fruits were limited to:

a) banana bread
b) the garbage can
(i wish i could list c) the compost pile, but i’m pretty sure that’s not an option in our apartment complex)

josh was on call last night, leaving me with a hearty dose of alone time. while perusing my google reader, i came across this post on jenna’s blog, eat, live, run. i took it as a sign from the internet deities that i needed to make something delicious out of my dying bananas, and STAT.

since i have no doin’ time efforts to show you from last night, i will provide some eye candy in the form of the aforementioned mini-loaf (i had to half the recipe because i only had 1.5 bananas!).
fresh from the oven

as part of this complete breakfast.

i recommend jenna’s recipe! it came out very dense and doughy, which i really like. i did alter things a tiny bit by adding a splash of milk before putting it in my loaf pan, because it seemed a bit dry (maybe my bananas were smaller?). in addition, since it was just one mini-loaf, it only baked for 22 minutes instead of 40.

[josh, if you are reading this, the loaf is next to the oven in a mini-loaf pan. feel free to chow down on this post-call. xxxooo.]



workout: 6 mi outside @ 8:49/mi, on mild hills. 30 minutes yoga for runners, which my hips/hamstrings sorely needed.

reading: an hour spent working on next monday’s morning report. i am working on becoming an anticrastinator like kath!

flossing/nail biting/etc: still on the wagon! once these are conquered, i have decided my next trick will be to add daily sunscreen to my routine.


  • Reply da March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Ahhh, bananas with brown spots, my favorite for eating out of hand! In fact, I wonder how anyone can enjoy a banana that still has any green on it. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I guess!
    Happy Earth Day!
    L, da

  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Yum, banana bread! I need to try my hand at that one of these days. I love how you left a note for Josh on your blog, haha.

    The Active Teens program sounds fantastic…definitely a step in the right direction for helping people to become active and love doing it!

  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I have a high tolerance for overripe bananas, but on the rare occasion that they actually get too brown, I love making bread or cookies. They never go in the trash. 🙂

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