May 30, 2009

what to do?
it’s 9 pm, and i’m tired. i want to go to bed, but then i’ll probably wake up early tomorrow and i have to work from 5 pm through to the next morning. i knew the night float schedule would be a challenge, even though so far the call nights have actually been — dare i say — quite easy.

i think i’ll try to do some reading, fold the laundry, watch some backlogged grey’s and desperate housewives online, and then crash. oh, the glamorous life of a resident on a friday evening sandwiched between night shifts.

sorry so boring
as consolation, i will leave you with some camper eye candy. my wear-everywhere sandals, bought in 2006 (noted on the official shopping record this post!) are officially disgusting. i need another pair that i can wear nonstop with anything and everything, but are still cute enough to make me happy every time i put them on.

pictures from camper.com.

i’m not sure electric blue is the world’s most practical color, but there is something about them that i like. i’ll keep looking, though!



workout: 45 minutes yoga — the intermediate-level ashtanga session from yogadownload. most of this was doable except for the balancing and headstand poses at the end where i kind of fell apart! my arms and legs were actually a little sore today.

doin’ time: before work yesterday, i made the creamy asparagus fettucine (recipe on the sidebar). the goat cheese-based sauce went nicely with the green asparagus taste and it was a breeze to throw together. i brought some to work for dinner, and let the rest home for josh; i also had leftovers for dinner tonight, as shown in the less-than-mindblowing picture. i forgot to add the pine nuts to tonight’s portion, but i did sprinkle it with some truffle salt — a rather fabulous accent.

reading: i finished the type 1 DM article + did a few PREP questions. we have our in-service exam next month, and i would rather not have my score drop from the year prior. that doesn’t look so good.


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