for what it’s worth

May 16, 2009

mastercard would approve
parking at the wedding: $10.

getting to see the normally very serious and composed groom moonwalk to thriller: priceless.

not getting woken up by my pager calling me into the full-term nursery: also priceless, and smashingly awesome.

unfortunately, dodging this morning’s bullet does not mean i’m immune to being called in for the rest of the weekend, but i’ll just keep my fingers crossed. last night’s wedding was a lot of fun! there was an awesome blend of lebanese + american cultures, with lots of music and dancing. i think that at least half of the attendees were MDs from either the pediatrics or neurology departments (the bride is a neurology resident!). josh sadly is on call today, but i think he enjoyed himself — he didn’t even seem that tired!
that really faint shiny white thing you can see on the left? that’s the bride! she looked beautiful.

josh if you are reading this at work: just remember LESS THAN 30 HOURS UNTIL VACATION!!

i don’t really feel like i deserve it because the last several months have been so easy, but he definitely most certainly does. on monday we will be flying to san francisco for a week in wine country with assorted jaunts to the bay area and other outlying areas.

i plan to take about 8 zillion pictures and we’ll probably put together a mini-video at the end (we did a 5-minute one for our honeymoon in hawaii and it is still fun to watch now!). because i am starting to get a little giddy and want to share my excitement, here’s the overall plan:

monday: fly to SFO through dallas. once arrived, pick up rental car — per josh’s request we will be kickin’ it CA-style in a convertible. since we will be doing a considerable amount of driving around, we figured we might as well do it in a fun ride. we will be staying at a cool-looking B&B in sonoma along with some friends coming in from seattle, with dinner the first night at highly-recommended the girl and the fig.

tuesday: wine country bike trip! a day-long guided tour through various wineries . . . on bikes. i’m not sure i’ve ridden a bike since 2006 when we did a similar trip down haleakala mountain, but hopefully my intermittent spin class attendance will serve me well.

wednesday: my BIRTHDAY! plans include a massage for me at our B&B — i did something like this in hawaii and it was the most luxurious thing ever. then, dinner at lasalette, a portuguese restaurant in sonoma that looked exciting and lovely based on tripadvisor reviews.

thursday: thursday morning we will move to a second B&B, this one in the heart of napa valley. then there will be more driving as we head into san francisco to visit 2 of my haven’t-seen-in-way-too-long-west-coast college friends, including my one and only williams college roommate! we haven’t made concrete plans yet, but i am sure we will have a blast.

friday: most likely some classic napa wine touring/tasting, followed by a late lunch at the famous mustards. that night there will be more driving as we head to the silicon valley area to see josh’s former college roommate and his family!

saturday: last day in CA! but a very important one. we will be headed on one last road trip, this time to the davis area to see my very-much-missed running friend s., her husband, and most likely their BRAND NEW BABY who hasn’t been born yet, but could be any second!! she has already requested that if she has not given birth already that we go on a slow pregnancy run to help induce labor. i would be thrilled to help out with Operation Partuition, but i would also be so excited to see the baby if s/he is already born.

sunday: early-ass flight back to RDU. the next 2 months i am going to be on long overnight shifts and working hard, but thankfully i don’t start until tuesday night at 5 pm, so there will be time to unpack and recover a bit.

obviously, i am really excited! there will be a lot of driving involved as we go to see all of our friends who have fled to the Other Coast but i know it will be worth it. all wine, all the time would get old anyway. i am proud of my planning of this trip (i did pretty much all of the making of reservations, deciding how to divide our time, etc), as i’ve never really done anything like that before. hopefully i did a good job!

by the way, josh has already promised that he would run with me on this trip (we did regular short runs on our honeymoon as well, and had a great time).

well, i guess i should actually start my day! i have lots of cleaning and catch-up things to do before we leave. it is always more enjoyable to come home to a clean house, so my goal for today is to make that a possibility. i also may look for a few pre-vacay necessities such as a new book to read and mayyyyybe one more pair of shorts. happy weekend!



workout: 6 miles @ snail’s pace (9:31/mi). it was 70 degrees and extremely humid and i just felt like taking it SLOW. by the way, i realize i have been slacking on the weights/shredding/XT/yoga. i’ll pick my whole routine back up after our trip, but for now i’m just playing it a bit by ear.

flossing/nails: check. you know, they’re not very long at all, but i can feel my nails on the keyboard a bit as i type. it feels weird.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Your vacation sounds like so much fun…you and Josh deserve it. Take tons of photos!

  • Reply JennyN March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Hi Sarah
    please tell S that she’ll be in kick-ass running shape post partum. I have heard that the increased cardiac output and breastfeeding hormones make you faster and I can attest to that. I just shaved 5 min off my Half marathon PR in my first post-baby race. 😀 She will have no problem getting back in shape!
    Mucho love to you my running friend, and HAVE A GREAT VACATION!

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Your vacation sounds great! Especially the massage part. Well, actually, it all does.

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