late night notions

May 26, 2009

timed out
i had better get this post up before someone sends the troops out to look for me. i’ve already gotten one concerned phone call regarding my whereabouts and well-being because it’s after 11 pm and there is no may 25th post to be seen! clearly, i’m still on california time (and maybe mindset).

don’t worry, it won’t last.

tomorrow i start cardiology/heme-onc night float, which has a rather bizarre schedule of working for 17 hours (sometimes 24) overnight, every other night. while it’s actually not a terrible number hours as far as residency is concerned, i fear that it is going to be awkward and weird. it’s only 3 weeks, though. i’ll experiment with a few strategies and hopefully come up with something that works before it’s over!

in the meantime
i’m catching up with the rest of life as i prepare to return to the working world. today was all about cleaning, re-organizing, and getting ready for the coming storm. i’m proud to say that our apartment has been transformed from “whirlwind” status to “presentable.” i was aiming for sparkling, but let’s face it — that is not going to happen without a serious motivator like a dinner party or impending parental drop-in, if it ever happens at all.

one of my ‘to-do’ items was to pick up my birthday packages from the apartment post office. done and DONE! i am so lucky to have been showered with such wonderful and thoughtful presents for my 29th birthday, since that isn’t even an exciting gift-worthy number like 30 will be (only 360 shopping days left for that one! ha, i joke because IT HURTS TO GET OLD).

from vickie, who has impeccable style and a similarly irrational lust for notebooks: an awesomely practical japanese nesting food container set. and some pink moleskines, which are going to go into my white coat pocket to brighten up my nights on the wards.
from the rents: 2 ceramic non-paper cups + the splendid table: how to eat supper. it looks good enough to cheat on martha by trying some of the recipes!
from my stylin’ sister: pretty turquoise and gold earrings (earrings: my new obsession) + a japanese pouch with a squirrel on the zipper. YES, a squirrel. how cute is that?
from . . . myself: fine, i know i already have more than i deserve. but i couldn’t resist this music box that i found at a little SF boutique — it comes with cards and a hole-puncher, and you can write out melodies for it to play! i used to arrange songs for my a capella group, so i feel prepared for the challenge. i am so excited to experiment with this!



workout: well, i flew from SF to RDU (via dallas), and boy are my arms tired! ha. god, i am disgustingly cheesy at this hour.

doin’ time: none yet, but i am prepared for the coming week! i even filled out my new fridge pad which i heart deeply. check it:

reading: that starts NOW.


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