road trippin’

May 23, 2009

no wine
was consumed over the course of the past 24 hours. a first for this trip! we took another day trip out of wine country yesterday, this time to silicon valley. this time, we reconnected with jason, josh’s college freshman-year roommate! he and his wife have a 5 week old — their first — and i made myself useful diagnosing diaper rashes and dispensing other (solicited) advice. josh and i also went for a run with jason and while i think we may have tortured him with our slowness, it was still fun to explore the stanford campus.

we had a luscious lunch at the prolific oven. how awesome is it that their sandwiches and salads (i had the chicken gorgnozola) come with a side of gooey, freshly-baked CAKE? i was a fan.

from palo alto, we headed to mountainview to visit my cousin jessica, her husband kurt, and their very cute kids, deborah and daniel.

here we are looking semi-normal:

and here we are looking more like our actual selves:

ahhh, family.

hacking up a lung
unfortunately, josh finally caught one of my pediatric illnesses (he almost never does!!) and is coughing like crazy. he is doing incredibly well keeping up with everything despite feeling less than 100%. this trip has been SO much fun — and quite action packed. if i had to change anything, i’d probably add in another day of DOING NOTHING time.

however, we will embark on one more adventure today. a trip to davis (north instead of south this time!). i am super-excited to visit s + j, running partner extraordinaire and her husband, who are expecting a baby any SECOND now. ahhh!


running notes
i haven’t been tracking it, but we have been running regularly on this vacation! here’s the summary so far:

tuesday: 25 miles biking through wineries

wednesday: 4.5 miles in sonoma

thursday: 6.2 miles in sonoma

friday: 5 miles in palo alto

today: 5 miles in napa


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