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May 28, 2009

time warp
i forgot how overnight call does weird things with one’s sense of time. for instance, i cannot BELIEVE it is thursday. i think the fast-forward phenomenon occurs because each 2-day stretch sort of compresses into one long macro-day, and also because the day actually changes mid-shift. they may not be restful, but i am guessing that these 3 weeks of night float will certainly go quickly.

i am still not sure how the whole sleep thing is going to pan out. meaning, just like tuesday morning, i couldn’t sleep late today even though i wanted to (and TRIED to!) because i have 22 hours of work beginning at 1 pm (clinic, THEN night float). i did learn on my last shift that there IS potential for sleep if things go well. even just a couple of hours per overnight will probably make everything much easier. i have my fingers crossed for another relatively quiet night!

not being able to sleep in this morning does have an upside = time to relax and enjoy some downtime. so far, this morning i:

ate a leisurely breakfast
read some blogs, cleaning up my backlogged google reader
completed a 45 minute power yoga session from yogadownload, in which i learned that crow pose is harder than it looks and sadly my headstand skillz have long since faded.
crow pose, expertly performed by the model

and now i am planning on:

doin’ time with some asparagus pasta, which will be left for josh’s consumption tonight and brought to work for dinner
reading for work, which will mark an unprecedented 4 days straight during a call rotation!

anniversary date & yet another restaurant review
josh and i had a lovely 3rd anniversary date, which included dinner at azure grille (in the meadowmont area of CH, for the NC natives). we had wanted to go back to la residence, which is where we had our wedding reception, but alas they were booked for a private party, so that was out.

however, azure grille did not disappoint. we had wanted to go there for at least 2 years but somehow it never happened — we even had a failed attempt one night last year, arriving only to find out they were closed for renovations. even last night was dicey, as josh had a hard time getting out of the OR. but we made it before the kitchen closed, and they seemed happy to have us even at a later hour than planned.

the cuisine has been described as california/french, with an emphasis on fresh fish and seafood. since i had salmon for lunch and wasn’t in a terribly meaty mood, i went the vegetarian route and had cold asparagus soup for the first course and then an arugula salad with dates, pistachios, and manchego cheese for my entree. accompanied by rustic french bread with olive taponade + a complimentary glass of champagne, it was a lovely meal that tasted light but still full of springy vibrant flavors. they also had a $25 fixed priced menu that josh took advantage of, ordering a classic caesar salad, an asian-inspired salmon, and then a citron-blueberry tart for dessert (which i shared, of course).

the atmosphere was that of casual elegance and they had a really nice patio that i envision as great for an after-work get-together. i wore a skirt and (fabulous) gold heels (why not!?), but would have felt equally comfortable in jeans. if you live in the area, i definitely recommend checking this place out.



workout: okay, don’t laugh at me. my first attempt at intervals in a loooong time didn’t go so well! here is my list of excuses: i was post-call, it was hot (83F with 60% humidity), there were hills, and i think (hope?) that my footpod needs recalibration. since i just ran my usual route rather than going to a track, i had to base my splits on the guidance from my polar alone.

and here are the stats: overall — 6 miles, average 9:19/mi
1 mile warmup: 9:28
400m interval: 7:40/mi pace + 400m jog: 8:55/mi pace
400m interval: 7:53/mi pace + 400m jog: 9:29/mi pace
400m interval: 8:57/mi pace + 400m jog: 9:18/mi pace
400m interval: 7:43/mi pace + 400m jog: 10:07/mi pace
400m interval: 8:29/mi pace + 400m jog: 10:06/mi pace
400m interval: 8:17/mi pace + 400m jog: 10:14/mi pace
400m interval: 8:29/mi pace + 400m jog: 10:20/mi pace
400m interval: 8:38/mi pace
400m jog + 1 mi cooldown: 10:14/mi pace

can heat have THAT much of an effect, or am i really that slow from lack of interval practice? i’m hoping that footpod inaccuracy is at least part of the explanation!

reading: second part of the peds in review type 1 diabetes article. it’s actually a very thorough article — more so than many PIR articles often are.

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    Yes, the heat makes a HUGE difference. I grew up in Florida and running in the heat just zaps speed. Celebrate your really productive day!

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