T – 3 hours

May 18, 2009

lest the local economy be disappointed that josh and i are going to be dumping our vacation cash in another state, we did our best to stimulate the NC businesses yesterday. the damage included:

☆ brunch @ coquette — crepes this time
☆ a design history DVF-style wrap dress from uniquities (on sale for $47!)
☆ tickets to star trek which i didn’t think was the best ever, but tolerated.
☆ a napa/sonoma guidebook, plus the geography of bliss to read on the plane
☆ this handy pad for the fridge

whew. josh also unveiled his bday gift 3 days early because he wanted me to have it for the trip! i now have 2 pairs of beautiful simple earrings to complete my CA wardrobe: a pair of tiny titanium hoops and some sparkly studs. i love both!! josh has never picked anything out for me that i didn’t think was perfect, and his record remains flawless.

packing procrastination
despite my best intentions (i DID make a wardrobe plan!) i succumbed yet again. in fact, i am not yet packed now. but this is about to change since our plane leaves in 3 hours! CA HERE WE COME!



workout: 8 miles — 4 outside in CH (9:20ish pace) and 4 on the treadmill (9:13/mi). i am so slow these days, or my footpod calibration needs tweaking.