take 2

June 22, 2009

12th of June, a gibbous moon
is this the longest day?
I walked down to the bay
and jumped off of the dock
and watched the summer
waste away

— aimee mann, “ghost world”

pumping myself up
this lyric popped into my head this morning as i am gearing up for an AM run. yes, that’s right — after my colossal FAIL at morning workouts last week, i’ve decided to give it another go. after all, the days don’t get much longer than they are right now (in fact, june 22nd is a slightly longer day than june 12 — by exactly 2 minutes according to almanac.com).

from gaisma.com

according to the above table, dawn officially begins this morning at 5:30 AM, coinciding with the best weather conditions for running: 66F (we will overlook the 85% humidity reported). plus, it will be so nice to have my run completed before work. i know i’ll feel more energized all day.

if it sounds like i am trying to convince myself to head out there . . . well, i am. it’s early! and it looks dark and kind of scary right now, just 15 minutes pre-dawn. but i really enjoy getting outside, and this seems like the only viable way to make it happen during ward rotations, since i have to be at work by 7.

wish me luck!

returning to mindfulness
hey, remember mindfulness? i didn’t, at least not last week. taking on a new team was actually more stressful than i had thought, and it’s amazing how a little anxiety can throw my best intentions to be calm and mindful out the window. i feel like i spent a lot of yesterday complaining even though really it wasn’t that bad — the patients did well, i had free time to get some reading done, and no medical catastrophes took place.

this week i will try to make an effort to take things more in stride. something to think about on my run . . .



doin’ time: finally, back to martha! i have just a few recipes left in her spring section before moving onto summer. exciting! josh and i thoroughly enjoyed this potato leek soup + asparagus and gruyere tart combo last night. i really missed my own cooking!
the whole deal


reading: various articles from a bunch of throwaway journals (pediatric archives, contemporary peds, etc) that i found in my overstuffed mailbox at work