tomorrow’s friday, right?

June 19, 2009

this is joshua posting a guest blog.

“tomorrow’s friday, right?” is what sarah said to me on the way home from dinner. we met up with my family friend noah who is finishing up his first year in medical school. it’s getting to be the last few days of the academic year for all of us and soon we will be promoted to the next level of training / school. i think we’re all looking forward to new responsibilities and i know everyone has a mixture of excitement and anxiety about that upcoming calendar day. you know, the night when we go home from work and come back the next morning magically transformed into someone with a new position with brand new people looking up to us for leadership.

anyway, the endless weeks of night float have taken a toll on sarah. i’ve been in the hospital for many days on end without a weekend day off and that’s taken a toll on me. we need that extra weekend day to recharge and reset the apartment / fridge / laundry. as sarah has been posting the past few days, all of the household tasks are on standby. sarah isn’t even sure what day of the week it is. i know she’ll appreciate sleeping in on saturday!

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    i still miss "sterile field"

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