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June 26, 2009

summit madness

i stared at this screen last night watching the seconds on the “world clock” gadget tick by, figuring that this was the most official timepiece i had available. i was planning on clicking the register button right at the strike of 8, subsequently gliding seamlessly into a blogger summit ticket.

smooth and easy it was not — apparently a lot of others are just as bloghappy as i am, because the system was overwhelmed! i jumped onto josh’s computer as well and kept trying to refresh the screens on both stations, thinking that maybe windows would have luck where my mac was flailing around in cyberspace.

my heart was pumping as the minutes slid by! by 8:10, i was not optimistic. but then — a paypal payment screen appeared! i frantically entered my info, and . . . i was in. hooray! apparently the tickets sold out just five minutes later, so i know that at least i wasn’t the only one sitting vigilantly by my laptop last night.

i’m super-excited to meet some of the bloggers that i follow regularly and who also read this site, like susan and heather. if anyone else is reading and will be there, definitely let me know! i’ve already booked a flight (getting into boston @ 10 pm on friday — can’t make it earlier due to work, unfortunately, but i’m thrilled to have the weekend off at all!) and a hotel room. ever since i forgot to actually register for a race i was planning to travel to, i like to book all of my travel details at once so that i don’t leave anything out.

one step at a time
i thought about my post yesterday about all the things i’m trying to accomplish during this busy time. logging my hours yesterday, i saw that i averaged ~70 hours per work week over the past 4. it just might not be possible to do all of the things i want to do while working that much.

i’m happy that this week i at least brought back AM running (and posting!). i think i’ll try to pick one focus each week (running this week, maybe reading the next, etc) to try to see what really fits into my life right now. i also think that i need to be a little bit more realistic with my plans — when i plan an intricate dinner + grocery shopping + cross-training all in one night, i am of course going to be overwhelmed, which means heading straight for a glass of wine and the couch and bagging all of it. i think i would be better off in the long run setting my sights a little lower.

finally friday!
after a 6 day week, it’s here! i organized some peeps for drinks after work tonight so that the week’s end will be celebrated the way it should be. and, there may be an impromptu beach trip tomorrow! hooray for an actual weekend, which i need because the NEW INTERNS start on monday and i’ll need all the strength i can muster.



workout: finally, an interval run that wasn’t in 85 degree heat! and what a difference it made. total miles 5.3.
0.75 mi warmup: 9:22/mi
200m @ 8:01/mi (200m rest @ 9:00/mi)
400m @ 7:31/mi (400m rest @ 8:49/mi)
600m @ 7:27/mi (400m rest @ 9:34/mi)
800m @ 7:49/mi (400m rest @ 10:00/mi)
800m @ 7:23/mi (400m rest @ 9:47/mi)
600m @ 7:44/mi (400m rest @ 9:58/mi)
400m @ 7:50/mi (400m rest @ 9:01/mi)
200m @ 7:18/mi
0.5 mi cooldown @ 9:05/mi


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Nice job on the intervals! Crazy about the blogger summit, but not unexpected that it would sell out so fast.

  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I&#39m glad my computer whiz boyfriend manned the registration for the summit…I might have freaked out with all the trouble that people had!

    Awesome intervals! I&#39m glad you can still fit in (some!) runs with your 70 hour weeks…I can&#39t imagine working that much.

  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Glad you&#39re going to the summit. Hope you have fun!

  • Reply aron March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    awesome job on the intervals and VERY fun about the summit 🙂

  • Reply chandra March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    I&#39ll be at the summit as well!!

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