call pump-up & saturday review

July 26, 2009

2 calls left! pre-call pep talk # 973
yes, there it is . . . i think can see the light at the end of this call month tunnel! however, instead of slogging through the next two lo-o-o-ng shifts in a countdown manner, i really am going to try to see these nights as my last 2 chances to work on my complaint-free mission. rather than just some hours to slog through, i will look at today (and thursday) as the last 2 chances (for the next few months, anyway) to learn, all while taking things in stride.

i can do this.

sisterly shopping adventures
i lured my younger and more stylish sister rebecca from raleigh to my area (about a 40 minute drive) with the promise of local yogurt and some bargain shopping at marshall’s! she has found some amazing things on their (cheap) racks, including a pair of J brand jeans for $30 (!!!).

according to her, the idea is not to shop at marshall’s when you are looking for something, but to just meander through when you feel like sifting through racks without much purpose.

i did find some skinny jeans to try on, but felt like a poser/tool in them so back on the racks they went. i think if i am going to go for that style, i would want a clean, super-dark wash, not all destructed like these were.

see? i tried!

our adventure was not fruitless, though. both rebecca and i scored the same velvet top, shown below. for full disclosure, i RETOUCHED this picture (badly) to get an obnoxious strand of hair out of my face!

hmm, this picture makes me wish i had worn some makeup

we also enjoyed some tasty LOYO, as promised.
in yogurt bliss with my plain / blueberry / granola concoction:

omg i love that place.

off to run to get powered up for call today!! it’s a cheap high, but it works.



workout: 9 miles on the american tobacco trail in durham. average pace . . . unclear, because i had to recalibrate my footpod in the first half of the run. the last 4.5 miles were around 8:50/mi average, though, which i thought was pretty good in the 10 AM heat!

reading: none. oops. but i am sure there will be plenty of learning opportunities today!

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  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    youre lucky you can pull off the skinny jeans look, it just makes me look weird. and i looked up LoYo and i want to go! too bad i live a billion miles away

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