can’t complain

July 5, 2009

an uneventful fourth
after a half-day at work today, i hit the gym and then headed over to a friend’s for a brief stint BBQing by the pool. then i promptly headed home to pass out, waking up just a few minutes only because josh called me to say that the kidney transplant the had just done was over and that he would be home . . . eventually.

i feel like a sleepy, sweaty mess, but i have high hopes that a long night of sleep will be curative! big plans for the rest of my holiday include throwing in a load of laundry and curling up in bed with a book. celebrating my own personal independence, i suppose. without the fireworks.

to complain or not to complain
i think i complain too much. venting is one thing, but putting everything in a negative light, getting all up-in-arms about happenings in the hospital, and ranting about my schedule to anyone who will listen is another. i came across a mention of this book on the zenhabits site and the concept is interesting.
though potentially a little too preachy and extreme for me (see? i’m complaining already!), i think i could lay off a little bit on the whining about work and my lifestyle this month and fatigue. it is not going to make me feel better and i know no one wants to hear it, anyway — i signed up for this, after all.

so my goal is to chillax a little and experiment with what it might be like to be complaint-free. 21 days sounds a bit daunting, so i’ll start with 7. feel free to call me out on any on-line grousing. i might not be able to turn it off completely, but at least i’ll be more aware.

balance and surgery
yesterday susan asked, “Just wondering…how does Josh handle the resident life? Same as you, keeping up with hobbies and everything?”

unfortunately, no, not really. i know he wishes he had more time to do things like run, but his schedule and the structure of his residency is definitely worse than mine. most of the time i do a lot of taking care of him/our household in addition to trying to have some semblance of a life. someday i hope he will be able to take it a little bit easier . . .