July 8, 2009

short day
after arriving home at around 12:30 pm, i managed to eke out as much as possible during my post-call day yesterday. therefore, i thought i would talk a little bit about my call-aftermath routine.

residents differ in how they like to use this day: some are able to stay awake for quite some time, running errands around town and then stretching out on the couch to watch TV. these are usually people who are lucky enough to be in the tiny proportion of the human population that is actually suited to being a resident: people who don’t need or desire much sleep.

clearly, i do not fit into that category. so my post-call routine pretty much consists of:

eat: usually i come home pretty famished. this is sort of on purpose as it helps me stay awake on rounds and on the drive home.

sleep: 4-5 hours. during this time i am usually out cold, but unfortunately my pager does sometimes go off as various people (that means YOU radiology!) do not bother to page the correct person (ie, the intern) who is actually signed over to someone still at work.

eat: by the time my nap is over, i’m usually hungry again. if i’m headed to the gym, i have to eat something first, as well as attempt to rehydrate (call dries you out big time!).

work out: yesterday it was some cross-training and weights. it’s definitely too hot to run outside in the afternoons these days, so post-call workouts take place in some air conditioned space.

cook: if i’ve planned right, post-call dinners are something easy that can be thrown together without a lot of mental or physical agility.

eat: yes, again. dinnertime!

sleep: after blogging, of couse. this time it’s never quite as easy to fall asleep (by this point my body usually feels very confused), but i manage.

and that, in case anyone was wondering, is how i fit 24 hours worth of life into 9.

complaint free: day 3
headed into day 3 today! for today, my goal is to write down what i say every time i complain out loud. hopefully knowing that i’ll have to get out a pen and document my slips will be motivation to keep my grumbling to myself. expect a report back tomorrow!



workout: 40 minutes elliptical (levels 9 – 12) + weights
– 2 x 12 pushups
– ball squats, 2 x 12, 10 lbs each hand
– lat pull-downs, 55 lbs, 2 x 10
– walking double lunges, 2 x 10, 8 lbs each hand
– lateral/forward raises, 2 x 10 each side, 6 lbs each hand
– forward crunches, 2 x 15
– bicycle crunches, 2 x 15

by the way, even though my sidebar says so, i haven’t actually started the pushup challange yet. maybe today i will!

doin’ time: i had my doubts about this meal: first of all, i hadn’t prepped anything in advance, so i knew the soup would be sort of room temp. second, it seemed to easy: blending together a bunch of vegetables and not much else, i wasn’t expecting a flavor sensation.
fortunately, i was wrong! josh and i loved this easy gazpacho. thanks to some very in-season tomatoes, it tasted bright and refreshing, and the slightly cool temp actually seemed to work. an excellent summery meal, and it was easy enough to be worthy of its post-call placement on the menu. served with a lavash wrap filled with cheddar & avocado.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    That&#39s pretty impressive that you can fit all of that in. Will you ever be able to sleep more?

  • Reply Meredith (Pursuing Balance) March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    love gazpacho!

  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Look at you, "doin&#39 time" even after call!

  • Reply aron March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    yikes that just makes me tired reading it.

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