supermarket sweep

July 5, 2009

shopping with the huz
i dragged josh to whole foods with me tonight. actually, that’s not fair — it wasn’t much of a struggle to get him to tag along. it’s amazing how much more fun the grocery store is with him! oddly, i came home with several items that were not on my list:

josh’s first addition to the cart was some endangered species chocolate. as the female member of this household, one might expect that i take the lead in chocolate cravings & consumption. but one would be wrong.

locally made ice cream! i was impressed at his flavor selection. and yes mom, i see that it has some thickeners in it. but it’s tasty and a little guar gum never killed anyone, right?

i don’t really know why he wanted this, but letting random items in the cart is a small price to pay for company and companionship at WF!


tonight’s star ingredient

yes, it’s rhubarb! i’ve never cooked with rhubarb, so tonight will be a first. i trust martha not to let me down!

in other exciting martha-related news, project doin’ time is 50% complete! i finally made it through the spring section (yeah yeah, i know it’s july), making every salad, soup, main dish, and nearly every side. that leaves just 2 seasons to go! summer is full of burgers and grilled items, which is tough because we live in an apartment and are not technically supposed to grill on our patio. luckily i have a grill pan and a sense of adventure. at least when it comes to martha.

yesterday’s post
thank you all for your comments. i am aiming to make this week complaint-free and that includes silent inner fuming (good point, atilla).



workout: 45 minutes elliptical, levels 9 – 13

reading: none! i will try to be better about motivating to do this post-call.

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  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    is rhubarb ever used alone?

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