July 29, 2009

winning the game
if you are a resident on an inpatient team and you manage to get everyone on the team discharged leaving your patient roster empty, you are said to have won the game, in medi-slang. i think i was once on a game-winning team back in medical school on my internal med rotation, but not since then had i experienced the slightly bizarre feeling of being stationed at the hospital with ZERO patients.

until yesterday. for 7 hours, our team list had no one on it! we were on short call (admitting for various subspecialties), so leaving wasn’t really an option — i basically hung out and waited for a planned neurology admit to get there. they decided not to come in (!) but less than 20 minutes later a dramatic case of anaphylaxis popped up in the ED for us to put on the allergy/immuno team. i think i complained (both inwardly and outwardly) more about this admit than i do in a normal, action-packed day — i do find that there is work inertia, where lying around and not accomplishing much just begets more laziness.

ANYWAY. it was an easy day, and for the most part an enjoyable one. i need to remember this the next time my team is bursting at the seems with needy kids — it really does all even out!

for all of the encouragement on yesterday’s post. i know it will work out in the long run, but the hardest part is having to sort of erase the plans i had already let myself make for our careers and lives. again, i guess that’s a learning experience in itself. i will work on living one day at a time, and appreciating each one of them.

and speaking of appreciation
i am really appreciating this anthropologie dress.



workout: 5 miles with 4 x 1200m. splits (divided b/c i had auto-lap on my polar):
warmup: 0.5 mi @ 9:37/mi pace
1200m: 8:01/mi for first 0.5 mi, 7:48/mi for last 0.25 mi
recovery: 9:40/mi for 0.25 mi
1200m: 7:49/mi for first 0.5 mi, 8:05/mi for last 0.25 mi
recovery: 10:26/mi for 0.25 mi
1200m: 7:49/mi for first 0.5 mi, 7:54/mi for last 0.25 mi
recovery: 10:25/mi for 0.25 mi
1200m: 8:03/mi for for 0.5 mi, 8:00/mi for last 0.25 mi
recovery: 9:22/mi for 0.25 mi
cooldown: 8:54/mi for 0.5 mi

doin’ time: finally back in the cooking groove! i made lentil-walnut burgers and served them on ezekiel sesame buns with yogurt & avocado. on the side is a super-simple corn salad — just corn, scallions, olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt & pepper! it was a nice summery meal and i’m looking forward to the leftovers at lunchtime today, but the one critique i have is that the burger was a bit dry.

reading: an article on lennox-gastaut syndrome (a type of seizure disorder).


  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    What do you do when it&#39s slow at the hospital? Read blogs? That&#39s what I did at the desk job.

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    work inertia is awful! i think that&#39s why i crave being busy so much

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