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August 17, 2009

my ducks
are SO not in a row for this coming week. no cooking plan, no groceries, no workouts scheduled, and dirty laundry/unpacked summit swag all over the place. i’m tired and a little bit sunburned, and i think i’ve even got a bit of the pediatric viral crud that i can NEVER escape same day clinic without.

despite all that, the weekend was totally worth it! rather than a slapdash, poorly written monster of a post, i think i’ll spread out my summit recap over several posts throughout this week, in the form of top 10 lists (what can i say? i’m a list-a-holic).

master list of, um, lists:
✰ top 10 tastes of the summit
✰ top 10 things i learned about blogging
✰ top 10 favorite things about the HLS
✰ top 10 swag items

here’s a little teaser — a taste of the tastes, if you will!


renaming quest continues
the latest submissions:

meds, miles & meals (thanks ali!)
hills, hormones & heels

wheels are still churning . . .

BR style
i am in love with all of the mad men-inspired silhouettes that banana republic was carrying for fall! honestly, i think i was made to wear dresses.

now that i’ve tried it on in person, i’ll use my new technique of stalking it online until it goes on sale for half the price! how did people ever shop before the internet!?



workout: 6 miles @ ~9:40/mi average with a HERD of summit runners! i also did 8 miles (average ~9:00/mi pace) on sunday with susan. she was nice and didn’t seem to mind that i was slowing her WAY down from her usual speedy clip!

doin’ time: obviously not . . . i miss martha!

reading: a big old ‘0’ in this column for the weekend. but tomorrow it’s back to the NICU . . . and my ‘real’ life!

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  • Reply da March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    I really like meds, miles, and meals!
    L, da

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