change of plans

August 9, 2009

i’m not very flexible.
not only does this apply to my tendons/muscles/ligaments, which seem to have morphed from the stretchy rubber bands of my cheerleading youth to the tough leather ropes of today — but it also applies to my ability to deal with spur-of-the-moment switches.


after all, i spend a lot of time planning for things, and what’s the point of that if said plans are not going to be followed through to fruition? most of the time, being faithful to what i have envisioned is beneficial. it means that i’m not going to flake out on a morning run, leave a friend in the lurch, or waste the vegetables bought in preparation for a homemade meal.

however, life doesn’t always unfold exactly as envisioned. according to my banner above, it’s an experiment, n = 1, right? in truth, i have no problem slacking on the occasional workout or ditching a martha project for a frozen pizza or dinner out. it happens at least once a week, and often more. but what i’m not as good at is being okay with myself for doing it.

time to get over that.

relaxation, take 2
as alluded to above, our plans for last night fell through. josh and i were both feeling incredibly lazy and spent hours watching weeds in bed after i returned from work. no cleaning happened. i ditched my planned cross-training session, and a friend called with an impromptu dinner invitation, so off we headed to brixx instead of rue cler.

basically, NOTHING about yesterday went as planned — but it was still a lovely day! maybe i just need to plan less. in that vein:

today may include
■ a 9 mile long run (likelihood: high)
■ browsing (and returning) at anthropologie (likelihood: rather high)
■ julie & julia (likelihood: fairly high)
■ whole foods stockup trip (likelihood: definite)
■ laundry (likelihood: probable)
■ yoga (likelihood: perhaps)
■ cleaning the bathroom (likelihood: unfortunately, high)

off i go!

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