August 13, 2009

transparent REM
i have the most boring dreams. josh always makes fun of me because they are just SO obvious! for example, yesterday (in reality), i didn’t get out of clinic until 7:30 pm — ouch! we were quite busy and down one intern, which meant i ended up filling that role and seeing a lot of patients on my own. i think i handled it rather well, though. i didn’t get terribly irritated and i didn’t even feel particularly rushed; instead i just kind of went with the flow and accepted that i’d be home a bit late. and it all worked out and i was okay with it, or so i thought.

land of dreams image from livecreations

but last night i dreamt that instead of the typical daytime shift, we had to work overnight in the clinic! in my dream, there were still more patients coming in to be seen at 6:30 AM and i was completely frazzled and exhausted. at one point, i walked into one family’s room where they were all sleeping and woke them up, only to find out it was a different patient i was supposed to see. i then had a complete meltdown, including yelling at one of the attendings (not one that had been there yesterday) that i just couldn’t take the abuse anymore.

so maybe by focusing on remaining calm and unmoved at work, i just channeled my frustration into my subconscious. is that healthy? i wonder what freud would have to say.

race dreams
well, more like race fantasies, perhaps? i am having an inner tug-of-war with myself about mayyyybe, possibly training for and running the full marathon at outer banks in november, or alternatively a race in december. i realize that there are multiple life-issues which could get in the way (the possibility of reinjury, work, other stuff . . . ) but as long as i go in with these things in mind, would it really be so terrible to go for it?


still mulling it over.

my favorite running partner siobhan (now 10 weeks postpartum!) suggested choosing a destination race to run together in the future — LOVE that idea! one destination that is somewhat in between NC and CA that both josh and i have always been interested in visiting is austin, TX. so two potential races on the horizon are:

3M austin, january 24th 2010


zooma austin, march 27 2010

we’ll have to see what siobhan thinks of these possibilities! it would also be fun to meet up with jess — who could probably win either one of these races.

aaaaaand speaking of running i need to get my butt out the door! happy thursday!



workout: rest day (took it a day early because i was feeling sort of sore)

doin’ time: no time for doin’ time when you get home at 7:45.

reading: cramming on likelihood ratios this morning. confusing but cool!