lost but NOT alone

August 16, 2009

i sort of can’t believe i just spent today miles and miles away from home at a healthy lifestyle blogging conference! i have to say it’s been a wonderful experience. i met so many interesting people — many of whom just happen to share my passion for spewing out their deepest thoughts onto the internet.

i also learned a lot, about blogging, organic farming, and much much more. i plan to share some of the summit highlights throughout the next week.

i have hella pictures to post, but my hotel internet connection is failing miserably. it won’t let me post a single shot!! quite the irony at a blogging conference, no?

trivial complaints aside, i’ve had a great time and now feel less like a crazy person for having this site as a part of my life. while it will never earn me a living, i love blogging. the structure it provides, the things it forces me to think about, and the connections it has helped me make are all valuable to me and make the hundreds (thousands?) of hours i’ve spent hunched over my laptop typing things out all worth it.

i’ve also decided that ‘lostandallalone’ has to go. every time i had to tell someone the name of this website, i cringed. that is bad. still waiting for that PERFECT NAME to come along, though . . .