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August 14, 2009

off to boston!

well, after a full day of work, that is. i can just imagine what would have happened had i asked for the day off to attend a blogger healthy living summit!

i’m excited, and yet i sort of can’t believe i’m journeying halfway up the east coast to attend! i will admit that i’m getting nervous. there are attendees that i feel like i ‘know’ from reading their blogs, some of whom don’t know me at all! that’s a little odd all on its own. then, there are others who do read, but will they be disappointed if sarah-in-real-life isn’t as articulate and fabulous as she seems on ghost world? hmmm. i hope not.

whatever. there will be so many people there that i’m guaranteed to click with someone. plus, there will be lots of free swag, running, great food, a comfortable hotel bed to pass out in, aaaaaaaand i get to hang out with my non-virtual friend emily on sunday!

the weather looks pretty nice, too.

i’d write more, but it’s packing time! my fashion theme for the weekend will be dresses, dresses, and more dresses. hooray for summer!

marathon decisions
oh atilla, you’re probably right! and you probably have the best perspective since you’ve seen me injured multiple times from past attempts. for those of you unaware of my history, i’ve run 3 marathons, last in 2006. i’ve also trained for 3 more since then — getting injured every. single. time. first my achilles (i was running an insane number of miles, hitting 81 one week, not wise) and then twice my right hip.

but the rest of you had great points as well. i will think about it! one thing i know is that if i do decide to train, it will be very different from past attempts — no more pfitzinger, daniels, or 50 mile weeks. i definitely would choose a much, MUCH easier plan and have my focus be getting to the starting line pain-free. we’ll see . . .

or i guess it’s tweeting? anyway, i don’t know what i’m doing, but i thought i’d set up a blog-centric twitter account, just for a fun experiment.

you can follow me at _ghost_world . . . if you dare.



workout: 5 miles with 3 x 1 mi intervals
warmup: 9:12/mi
mile 1: 7:44/mi, recovery (0.25 mi): 9:53/mi
mile 2: 7:51/mi, recovery (0.25 mi): 10:48/mi
mile 3: 8:07/mi (pretty much all uphill), recovery (0.25 mi): 10:17/mi
cooldown: 8:56/mi

doin’ time: bail. we went to whole foods for a quick dinner on the fly instead. i enjoyed my sushi (brown rice with avocado + tuna + salmon) and salad with spicy thai dressing, but i think i actually would have preferred my own cooking.

reading: an article on abdominal pain, and more on likelihood ratios. i think i am going to give my evidence-based medicine talk on these. i find it all #*(&@(# confusing, and i know i’ll learn it if i have to teach it . . .

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  • Reply Cindy March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    blog summit sounds awesome. i&#39m sure you&#39re just as witty and fun in person as you are on blogger. have a great time!

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