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August 5, 2009

remembering to breathe
it’s easy to forget sometimes, isn’t it? i had to remind myself to chill on several occasions in clinic yesterday, particularly as the patient queue seemed to explode at around 4:00 pm. but then — as josh would say — i “bucked up”, remembering that:

■ the clinic day is not a race to be won
■ getting home a little later is not a huge tragedy

i did the best i could, avoided getting too riled up, and i didn’t even leave that late — i have no problem with 6:30! i suppose the moral of the story is that perspective is important and life is a million times more pleasant when you are not rushing through every juncture. i know these things, but it seems that i need a daily reminder. some day, maybe this mindfulness will come automatically — i’m still waiting!

“well, it’s not awful”
= me on the phone to my sister while trying on my new anthropologie dress.

she was a beauty, but obvi she is going back. i found that the waist hit too high — sort of between an empire and my true waist. there was also a lot of extra fabric in the chest/armpit area that i didn’t like. while i think it actually did fit and that this draping was purposeful, i didn’t like it. a little sad that it didn’t work out, but i’m super-excited to go to the store to return it, because then i’ll get to browse all of the pretty summer fashions in person. so, no big loss.

stay tuned!

ghost world‘s first giveaway is coming!! calling all neurotic medical students and residents, borderline-OCD documenters, and other paper-philes . . . this one is for you. details to follow tomorrow.



workout: 4 miles at aerobic pace (8:36/mi) + 30 day shred, level 1. it was a sweaty morning!

doin’ time: i don’t know what possessed me to make a salad with . . . a salad, but it led to a rather busy-looking plate.

it tasted good and healthy, though. i am already psyched for my leftovers lunch today!

reading: i read up on and talked about teen pregnancy & sexually transmitted diseases yesterday. so far my prepping-to-teach-at-clinic method is working, motivating me to read AND bringing something useful (i hope) to the interns and students. hopefully i can keep this up!

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  • Reply Bridgette March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Neurotic medical students and OCD-documenters…it&#39s like you called me by name 🙂 Glad to hear clinic went ok!

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