pumpkin spice paradise

September 27, 2009

but first: a long run report
i had a great long run yesterday! 12 miles, and it felt easy. i don’t want to get my hopes too high that i’ll actually get through this training cycle injury-free, but . . . ok fine, whatever, they’re already ceiling-level. most importantly, i’m having a great time training — group runs, early morning neighborhood jaunts, and all. the only thing missing is siobhan!

believe it or not, this is really the first time i haven’t done a majority of my weekday marathon training on a treadmill, and i think that as a result i am enjoying it more AND possibly getting a little bit faster! i’m taking a mini-break from the group runs, since claire and many others are running a race this week. yestearday, i headed to the tobacco trail (flat, mile-marked, paved path in durham) and next weekend i’ll be running in portland.

stats: i don’t really have full stats for this run, as it was footpod recalibration time. but i am confident based on mile markers that most of the run was close to ~8:30/mi, and i brought it home with a serious LMP (abbreviation for jess’s term: “last mile party”, not “last menstrual period”, you nerdy medical peeps!) at 7:55/mi pace.

this run was my first time trying the honey stinger energy chews recommended by susan. following the directions on the package, i ate 5 of them 7 miles into the run for a little sugar boost while i stopped to drink some water. energy-wise, i think they did the trick, and i found them less gross than gels. downsides: i’m not sure whether i would be able to chew while running, though, and they had a sweet-tart aftertaste that was a little strong. i definitely needed a water chaser!

back to running: my goal is still just to run an injury-free race, but i’ll admit that visions of a PR are starting to dance in my head (sugarplums can’t even compare!). i am going to try to just take training one run at a time. i really am thankful every time i am able to get out there pain-free!

tomorrow: i’ll post my plans for running and training on vacation.

post-run pumpkin paradise
the people are local yogurt are so smart. after seeing THIS on facebook


i had to go get some. so despite the cool temps, drizzle, and gray cloud cover that obscured the normally blue carolina sky yesterday afternoon, i dragged josh several miles north down highway 15/501 to get some with me.

their menu confirmed that pumpkin was indeed available. thank god.

i ordered a regular with pumpkin tart frozen yogurt, ginger snap pieces, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. i think the guy behind the counter was impressed.

this was absolutely amazing. never mind the rain, i would trek out in a blizzard (if we ever had blizzards here) to get my hands on this. i actually ended up giving josh a bunch of the whipped cream because i preferred the tart and spicy pumpkin goodness on its own. of all my components, the yogurt was my favorite part: it was a beautiful pumpkin-y orange, and tasted like fall . . . but better.

i can’t wait to experiment with other pumpkin mixes: pumpkin + graham crackers, pumpkin + granola, or pumpkin + pumpkin seeds immediately come to mind. thank you, local yogurt, for making my tart yogurt dreams come true!

and we’re off
to charlottesville, and then to richmond, VA for lady gaga (the concert is monday night). i will be sure to try to capture some of the gaga magic on film for all of you wondering just how bizarre it is going to be.

p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-poker face . . .

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  • Reply Siobhan Brady March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    what a kickass pace!! sounds like you are doing great sarah!! have an awesome time visiting vicki and at Lady Gaga!!! my plans for a long run were dashed when ciaran decided to forego his new sleeping through the night stretch with timed wake-ups and feeds every 2 hours (like he was a newborn again 🙁 ) i&#39m crossing my fingers for you and an injury-free race. you can do it!

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