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October 13, 2009

genetics: an update
my mother complained over the phone this weekend that i haven’t been writing much about work. that’s because, like tina and caitlin, i’ve quit my day job to dedicate my life to blogging!

um, just kidding. i’ve only been ‘in training’ for my future career for the past 24 years (what, kindergarten counts!). but i fully support the bloggers who are able to do that! while i’m not planning on ever leaving medicine, i will admit that i would like to write a book someday (about what, i’m not sure . . . i have a few ideas, though!).

i also want to work part time. but that’s another story for another post! for now, i’m just going to leave a quick update on genetics so that my mom (and anyone else interested) can see that yes, i am continuing to go to work and take care of patients.

■ genetics is pretty interesting! i especially enjoyed going to metabolic clinic yesterday where i got to see patients with gaucher’s disease and GSD type 1 (von gierke’s) — these are conditions you often read about, but rarely are exposed to in real life.

■ in fact, i like metabolic clinic better than straight genetics because there is lots of overlap with endocrine, and because many of the conditions are at least in part treatable

■ genetics is a rapidly changing field! the ability to test for things seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. this leads to a lot of interesting questions regarding family planning and ethics.

■ the genetics lifestyle is quite nice. clinic does not move quickly, but is very well-run. this pleases me. and i’ve been done with work most days by the early afternoon. (!!!!).

a morning debate
work out now, or later? it certainly sounds like a reasonable question from this vantage point. but from past experience, i know that if i choose the latter, i will definitely regret it by the end of the workday. multiple reasons for this include:

■ i have more natural desire to move now than i do at the end of a long work day
■ once i get to the gym, i know i will actually enjoy it
■ i won’t be itching to leave work so that i can get my workout in
■ energized, endorphin-enhanced mood all day

(it seems to be a bullet-point sort of day!)

well, i’ve certainly convinced myself, if i needed the convincing. am i alone in this way of thinking, or are there others who think it’s totally worth it to get their workouts in first thing?

giveaway: last chance!
enter here to win a cute and functional 2010 rhodia planner. the winner will be selected by random drawing early wednesday morning. and the odds are still quite good!



workout: 5.3 miles total — interval workout on the treadmill, 0.5% incline
– 1 mile warmup @ 9:13/mi
– 8 x 400m @ 7:35/mi with 0.15 mi jogs between each (except 0.25 mi jog after the 4th one)
– 1 mile cooldown @ 9:13/mi

all while reading the latest runner’s world. i liked reading the article about ryan hall! i hope he dominates in the new york marathon.

doin’ time: LOVED last night’s dinner! it tasted like thanksgiving to me . . . or maybe even better.

pretty acorn squash (i wonder what sort of genetic phenomenon led to this orange patch! siobhan??)

roasted chicken with acorn squash, red onions, and mushrooms, served with a piece of matt’s great harvest dakota bread! SO GOOD — i’m so glad i have a whole loaf in our freezer!

reading: an article about glycogen storage disease, type 1.

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  • Reply Susan March 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Haha it does seems like many people in the blog world are leaving their regular jobs to blog. If only I was that well known…

    I&#39m not normally a morning workout person, but since I can&#39t run when I get home from work at midnight, I run mid-morning-ish. It&#39s not a bad schedule…but when I did have morning stuff to do, I didn&#39t really like running in the morning because I always felt rushed. No matter how much time I left myself, I always felt like I needed to be quick with everything in order to not be late. (I have being late!)

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