i put my thing down, flip it and reverse it

November 2, 2009

“Is it worth it, let me work it
I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it
I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it [backwards 2X]
If you got a big ***, let me search you
And find out how hard I gotta work you
I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.”

— missy elliot, “work it”

yes, you are on the right website — still ghost world.
it’s amazing what a few nights in the ER will do to you . . .

good morning evening!
ohhhhh, it’s official: night and day have flipped + reversed, and my circadian rhythms are toast. 2 7 pm to 7 am shifts in a row = rough! i have definitely reached the critical fatigue point where i can now sleep without any problem no matter what the light, noise, or temperature conditions are like during the day. i guess that’s a good thing, because this week i continue with a nocturnal lifestyle, with 11pm – 7 am shifts on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. luckily, as of 7 AM friday, i will be DONE with late-night work for the month.

last night wasn’t terrible, but i could have done without the pelvic exam on a pregnant teenager done at 4 AM. i protested, but apparently, OB doesn’t get involved until the second trimester. i say pregnant is PREGNANT, and pregnant ladies (or kids) should get attention from OB, but apparently they do not agree. i hope that is the first and last time i have to try to figure out if someone’s cervical os is open or closed!

but that’s over now, and i am sitting here drinking coffee pretending like it’s morning. just as most people are winding down from their work day, i need to get productive!

today’s to-do list:

☑ gym for cycling + weights
☑ figure out dinners for the week + make shopping list
☑ whole foods pilgrimage
☑ laundry
☑ cleaning up the kitchen
☑ reading!

not usually what i’m gearing up for as the sun is starting to set, but . . . i guess i just need to embrace the day/night switch. for just a few more days, anyway.

as an aside, on the subject of productivity and plowing through daily lists, i really liked this post from the simple mom about writing everything down. i am just like her in that getting things OUT of my brain and onto paper in the form of an organized list is truly key to mental clarity, which helps make things a) easier and b) more enjoyable.

i need another moonlighting shift
seriously, i do. because there are so many things at anthro right now that are making me drool onto my computer keyboard. it would be kind of awesome to fill my shopping cart with luscious fashion goodness, only to hit the ‘purchase’ button at the end of a profitable 19-hour shift!

i probably won’t, but . . . fun to think about. did you know that anthropologie just turned 17? i had no idea! i was also proud to see that the anthropologie store that i remember from my childhood (in sleepy-but-oh-so-chic wayne, PA — near bertucci’s and the amazing but long-defunct sweet daddy’s ice cream shoppe*) was actually the VERY FIRST ONE! who knew??

in celebration, here are the items that sparked my salivary reflex (ew, sorry) today. again, i don’t think i’ll be buying — but it’s fun to look and admire! and dream. about coats . . .

the fall’s pinnacle bomber is cheery and i like the short bomber shape. this jacket looks innocent to me without appearing childlike.

i also like this completely impractical checkered, please coat. i say “impractical”, because not only does it have 3/4 sleeves (brrr!), but the description in the catalog is spot-on:

i mean, wow, that sounds just lovely. but could that be any farther from my actual lifestyle? heh. seriously. impractical.

finally, i love this cozy little kai coat. there’s something about the combination of winter white and faux-fur trim that gets me every time! so pretty. i’d love to try it on . . .

* AHHH! any philadelphia suburbanites remember the sweet daddy’s ice cream parlor? it was so good that we made the trip from havertown countless times throughout my childhood and teen years . . . huge for my family that had an aversion for getting on the highway and driving more than 10 minutes to get anywhere! i still remember their delicious house-made gelato (served before gelato was all over the place) and their wacko candy selection (including clear lollipops with bugs in them). ahh memories . . .

the last ripped chobani
i am relieved to say that the last ripped-open chobani has been consumed.

container carnage

i enjoyed this blueberry flavor with pumpkin granola on top. i have to say that i really prefer yogurts with STUFF on them — i never eat them plain anymore! this was a nice combination and again i give the chobani high marks for texture and fresh taste. i’d prefer this flavor a little less sweet, but that’s just my plain-yogurt-is-the-best bias coming out.

still good!


11.1.09 (REALLY? NOVEMBER!!? woah.)

workout: 5 miles easy on the treadmill, 0.5% incline, 9:13/mi pace

doin’ time: nope — no time, really. it was a salad-and-pita-chips-from-the-duke-caf kind of night.

reading: 20 minutes on knee injuries. unfortunately, i had no opportunity to put my learning to use on my shift. i guess i should have reviewed old OBGYN notes from med school instead!


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    ahhh blast from the past with that song!!

    i really like that cherry jacket! you need to stop showing all these clothes because my bank account hurts just thinking of everything i want now 🙂

  • Reply Claire March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    i really like the last two jackets! Sitting here so thankful…our OB receiving (their ER) takes ANYONE with positive preg test if their problem is OB/GYN related. I actually read about three hours today…wow!

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    the 3/4 length sleeve coat is so retro. I don&#39t even want to think about what that song or the asterisks mean

  • Reply Jenny March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Oh, but 3/4 sleeves goes perfectly with long knitted gloves or arm warmers, which are totally in right now! Not impractical at all, even in my cold climate.

  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    I&#39m going to have to check out the clearance rack at our Anthro one day. You always put up pictures of the cutest stuff, but the full priced items area always way over my budget.

  • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    jennifer: ahhhhh!! WHAT was she doing in CH? i can&#39t even imagine! i&#39m so jealous!

    marathon: yeah, i keep eyeing the cherry, too. &#39only&#39 $98 . . .

    inmytummy: i know, i thought about trying to phonetically write what she says (backwards) but couldn&#39t figure out how to do it!

    claire: LUCKY! and good job reading!

    atilla: ha, don&#39t!

    susan: unfortunately it&#39s been closed for probably a decade now! you could still go to visit the original anthropologie, though!
    some nurses LOVE night shift for the quiet-ness but i like my days right-side-up 🙂

    jenny: oh, good (and fashionable!) point! i&#39m not sure if i could rock that but it would be very cute.

    lu, chelsea, meg: i&#39m glad you like the anthro, too. let&#39s just hope they put them ALL on sale. for 50% off.

  • Reply Jennifer March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Lady Gaga was out and about on Franklin Street! She came to town, I think, for Halloween. My med student said her friend bought her a shot. Crazy, huh?! I even saw pictures of proof! OMGaga.

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