lost luggage and luscious links

November 28, 2009

screen hunger
i know i can’t be the only one to read a food blog entry and immediately CRAVE what is shown in a major way! caroline from the broccoli hut, you are 100% responsible for the sabra + pita chips that i just tore through post-run. and because you asked, this is my favorite flavor:

mmm, pine nuts!

in other news, we’re back
back in NC, that is! i had planned to spend the afternoon doing laundry and cleaning up, but the miami international TSA put a snag in that plan. yes, amazingly enough, the most disorganized airport ever failed to get our luggage onto the plane with us to north carolina. i guess they can’t all be like RDU.

i was a bit annoyed that no one really apologized for not transporting our luggage — we weren’t even offered a refund for the $20 luggage check fee! hopefully, the bag should be delivered to our apartment some time tonight . . . i’ll believe it when i see it. luckily, no essential items (laptop, keys, wallet) were in the bag, just lots of dirty clothes. maybe it’s a sign from above that i need just a few more hours before diving into housework . . .

link love
i feel like a total nerd for admitting this, but i missed keeping up with my favorite bloggers over vacation! i started sifting through google reader yesterday and it’s so much fun reading all of the holiday recaps. for those of you (like me) who are likely going to have to “mark all as read” to get through the posts you missed, here are a few highlights that i found on my reader:

michelle from the underwear drawer (my favorite medical blog, and probably the first blog i ever faithfully read) finally started posting again!!

kate from this place is now a home is PREGNANT! i met kate at the HLS in august and we bonded instantly. she is super-sweet in person and fascinating on her blog where she wrote about her adventures in trying to conceive. congratulations again, kate!

quo vadis, maker of lovely, clean, and functional stationery products, is giving away 2010 planners to those interested in writing reviews! check out this post and tell the wonderful karen that i sent you 🙂

angela of glo bar fame (LOVE the present flavor by the way) presents 10 useful holiday tips here. practical stress reduction in list form? love it.

date nite
we’ve had a lot of together time, but not one real DATE so far this vacation! obviously, we need to remedy this. so, we’re off to see an education and then enjoy a quiet little dinner out, just us together.

i hope everyone else is enjoying the end of the holiday festivities! tomorrow, it’s time for my last true long run and a return to my semi-normal routine. i’m excited for both.


  • Reply sara March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    lol, we were just talking about how MIA sucks last night at work. seriously, LAX is bad but it has NOTHING on MIA.

    and, i can sympathize. one time my bag failed to make it onto the plane on a cross-country flight. the only clothes i had for 12+ hours were the dirty scrubs i was wearing. no fun!

    hope your luggage shows up soon. enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  • Reply Kate (This Place is Now a Home March 10, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    Thank you!!! 🙂

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