December 16, 2009

perfect recovery food
no, it’s not chicken soup (although that has its merits as well) . . . it’s egg in a frame!! served with a cup of butternut squash soup from my pacific stash (yes, another gift from the blogosphere).

a forgotten childhood staple, i got the idea from caitlin and used matt‘s great harvest bread, so this is a truly blog-inspired meal.

god, i’m going to miss being home for lunch. this one probably wouldn’t travel well. something in this meal must have had therapeutic powers, because i’m feeling much better already!

yo- yo- yoga
i have been off-and-on with respect to yoga practice ever since college when i took classes with a 60ish leathery-skinned-but-extremely-flexible ex-flower-child named dixie. in recent years, my practice has been limited to sporadic video and yogadownload sessions. these are great, but i’m not always motivated to actually do them consistently, and sometimes i wonder if i’m getting the poses right.

this morning, kath posted a glowing review of her (HOT) yoga glass, and i remembered the wonderful feeling of having finished a good session. plus, i thought back to the days when i could actually bend over and touch my toes — days long before i started beating up my body with marathons! i miss being flexible. it’s sad how much this aspect of my fitness has deteriorated.

so i decided: why not actually take some classes? there are multiple centers nearby, i have a decent amount of time, and it’s not prohibitively expensive (plus, i just signed up for another $$$ moonlighting shift so i feel free about money . . . funny how that works when i haven’t even EARNED IT YET).

this center offers one free class to newcomers — maybe i’ll give it a sample this weekend!

this center offers a ‘stimulus package’ of 4 classes/$40, as long as they are used within a month.

i may even try a class today — carpe diem, right? especially while on research elective.

OFF . . .
to morning report, and then to either a coffee shop or the library for some work (haven’t decided which). i’m glad to be back on a semi-normal routine!



workout: day #3/3 of complete rest. which means . . .i’m going to attempt a short, verrrrry easy run today (and maybe some yoga). should be interesting.

doin’ time: SECOND TO LAST martha dinner!! this meal is an example of one that i never would have chosen to make if it wasn’t for the project, but which we both really enjoyed. who knew cabbage could be so sweet-tasting and comfort-filled? not me.

rye-crusted pork medallions + red cabbage with apples. plus, i drank about half of the beer pictured, which combined with nyquil led to a very peaceful night of sleep. hey, whatever works, right?

reading: YES — i got through all of the articles i had planned on, and then some! back in the game, baby.