going gaga for my research elective

December 2, 2009

before i start talking about a lot of nerdy stuff, have i mentioned that i LOVE the new lady gaga song “bad romance”? it reminds me of the madonna of my childhood — yes, the early 90s one with wild blond hair and acid-washed jeans. it POWERED me through my intervals yesterday (see below). if you are a runner who likes a soundtrack, you need this on your playlist.

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming
despite having the above song in my head on repeat for hours, i was pretty productive yesterday. for the most part, i stuck faithfully to my planned out schedule in yesterday’s post. i got through 5 or 6 articles in good detail and have a (very) basic framework in my head for my proposal. i did take breaks (I BELIEVE IN THEM!), but was able to concentrate well overall, which was good.

i am realizing that i actually have a lot of pent-up anxiety when it comes to research. even though i’ve spent years in the lab, i have never felt like i was all that GOOD at it. i think my control-freak tendencies conflict somewhat with the unpredictable nature of science and benchwork in general. i tend to do better with a lot of small projects (ie, patients lined up in the ED!) than one huuuuuuge one (a paper!).

however, i am required to do 2 years of research — and publish! — for my endocrine fellowship. and part of me IS very excited about this and interested in doing it! i think i just need to figure out how to mesh my personality and work style with labwork and research. being very regimented and organized about how i spend my time helps.

any researchers/lab people out there with any tips? i’d love to hear them.

ie, the bane of my existence. today i actually will be going to the eye center to work with anesthesia on my airway skills. instead of playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, i will be playing stick-the-ET-tube-in-the-trachea (and maybe some stick-the-IV-catheter-in-the-vein). it sounds so simple when i write it out . . .

maybe i’d have better luck with one of these . . .
photo source

unfortunately, even if i intubate every kid in the hospital today it won’t count towards my graduation requirements because they are not NEONATES. i’m not saying i don’t need the practice; i just don’t see why there are 2 separate categories! BAH.


12.1.09 december?! i know, right?

workout: i headed out in 45 degree temps to get my second to last interval run in. i think my body REALLY likes running in the cold, because i was really happy with my splits! the data:

warmup mile 9:06/mi
1k #1 7:21/mi (downhill)
recovery 9:42/mi
1k #2 7:25/mi
recovery 9:29/mi
1k #3 7:21/mi
recovery 9:45/mi
1k #4 7:29/mi
recovery 9:51/mi
1k #5 7:58/mi (uphill)
recovery 9:42/mi
cooldown mile 8:54/mi

i really hope with all of these faster runs that my polar is not giving me false data. however, to argue against this possibility, the 10K race measurment was very accurate (the polar said i ran 6.19 mi) and the mile markers i rely on correspond with the distance readings that i’m getting, so . . . i’ll just hope that’s not the case!

doin’ time

pork tenderloin — which really was super-tender! — with broiled pineapple, with an asian-inspired ginger-soy glaze. accompanied by broccoli soup, which was only okay (but, very healthy). i think there is a reason that people tend to make broccoli soup with things like cheese and cream!

reading: was mostly all i did yesterday! and i took notes.

proof that i am not just twittering the days away . . .