last post before 26.2!

December 11, 2009

running inspiration
i hope everyone enjoyed this completely running-obsessed week on ghost world! don’t worry, i’ll be back to writing about a more balanced (ie: random) mix of things next week. it’s been fun, though, to devote a series of posts to one of my favorite hobbies. i think it’s only fitting to end with a list.

what i love about running

♥ seeing how peaceful the world is at 7 AM as the sun rises
♥ getting to crank and MOVE to my favorite tunes with absolutely no shame
♥ that i do it 100% FOR ME
♥ putting together training plans
♥ racing in fun places
♥ the wonderful euphoric feeling that follows nearly every run
♥ those moments on the run when it just feels effortless
♥ getting time to think, and often having good mental clarity and perspective while striding away
♥ the way brunch tastes after a weekend long run
♥ amazing people that i’ve met through running
♥ seeing myself improve with training
♥ the online running/blogging community!

YES that means you! thank you all for reading, commenters and silent lurkers alike. i know i will be thinking of all of you — runners especially — as i attack the final miles of the race. as in: “can’t give up! what would aron/marathonmaiden/jess/felice/susan/kath/jenny/siobhan/chelsea/hjlongmo/lee/whit and everyone else who might see this do?”

you’d dig deep and tear up the pavement, of course. running bloggers (and readers!) are determined, strong, and truly badass.

i’ve said it before, but i can’t express how much i really do appreciate all of your kind words and sage advice. YOU ARE AWESOME! and, i can’t believe that the next time i write it will be a race report.

PS: speaking of the blogging community, whitney will be running the marathon as well (her first!) and michelle will be demolishing the half! best of luck to both, and i hope i can find you at the race.

obligatory charlotte weather report
still looking good.

although, looking at those morning temps: BRRR! what’s up with the sub-freezing, NC? my hat and gloves may actually stay on for once!

winner winner chicken dinner
gluten-free chicken dinner, that is. because the winner of the planner giveaway is a. marlow from gluten hates me!

this makes me happy, because

a) i’ve met ms. marlow in person and she is AWESOME
b) i don’t have to ship the package — she lives here.
c) i know she will use it well
d) this gives me an excuse to hang out with her!

to those who didn’t win, don’t worry — i’m sure there will be more paper-based giveaways in the new year!



workout: LAST pre-race run (although last night i dreamed i ran today and was upset that i wouldn’t have fresh legs for the race. crazy much?). total = 5 miles, average 8:42/mi. middle ‘race pace’ miles were run at 8:38/mi average, although i think my true race pace will be closer to the 8:45/mi mark.

doin’ time: no cooking, but between clinic and some actual WORK on my research project, i managed to sneak in a super fun lunch with jessica at watts grocery! come to think of it, i’ve now eaten there 3 times in the past week (applicant dinner, brunch and yesterday lunch). so far, it’s been EXCELLENT every time! definitely one of my favorite durham estabishments.

i got the butternut squash salad, which was a delicious pile of fresh baby greens and arugula topped with candied pecans, butternut squash cubes, and bleu cheese.

photo courtesy of jessica’s camera.

of course, i asked for a side of bread. needed some CARBS! jessica also send me home with more carbs in the form of homebaked white chocolate cranberry cookies. josh and i enjoyed them greatly.