post-race life

December 14, 2009

and now, back to our regularly scheduled programming
whatever that is, right? normally, i aim for an eclectic mix over here, or i supposed you could call it a hodge-podge. all i know is that lately there has been a BIT too much running talk on this site and not nearly enough work-related chatter (or orla kiely). admittedly, this has pretty much mirrored the state of my brain for the past week! but now that the race is behind me, i am ready to think about other things.

like my next race, for instance. i even signed up already!

(for the half. i’m not ready to suffer again so soon!)

or this dress:

night blooming dress. she is a delight, isn’t she?

no, seriously
i do feel some closure and i really have been able to move on a bit. in addition to actually refocusing on my research for the final week of my elective, i have been ruminating about:

my goals for the new year! (of course)

what’s next after doin’ time? the project will finally be over after THIS WEEK! for anyone newer to this site wondering why my recipes are always martha stewart and what exactly “doin’ time” is supposed to mean, i spent the last 13 months cooking through all (okay, all EXCEPT for the dessert recipes — i didn’t want to give myself diabetes) of martha stewart’s great food fast cookbook.

i came up with the project after reading julie and julia, and wrote about it here. i thought the name josh came up with was pure genius, but now i regret it slightly since i thought about trying to wrangle an appearance on her morning show (hey, you never know!) but i REALLY don’t think they’d like the name.

finally making over this site. as in, getting rid of “lostandallalone” (i mean, because, really now . . .) and moving onto a less depressing-sounding name without “blogspot” in the url.

expect to hear more about these things soon!

for now, though, it’s back to the grindstone. i was in clinic all morning and just spent the past 2 hours getting our house back to passable condition, so it’s time for me to hunker down and get through a few articles. some nice, passive reading (and a couple of work-related emails) sounds like the right move to be getting back into gear with.

(don’t laugh . . . it’s a baby step, but it’s in the right direction!)
((i swear, i WILL find my work ethic again!))
(((perhaps lady gaga’s “christmas tree” will spur me along. how could i have missed this?)))



workout: day 1 of at least 3 of complete rest (for my tentative workout schedule this week, see the sidebar. however, i’m not planning on doing ANYTHING that doesn’t feel good!)

doin’ time: not yet.

reading: right now.