resolution countdown: day 1

December 22, 2009

10 for 2010
january 1st may be 10 days away, but for me resolution season is in full swing! after all, i like to be ready with my goals — really let them marinate for a while — before the actual kickoff starts. i spent some time pulling together 10 resolutions for the near year (doesn’t sound TOO ridiculous, right? although a few are combo-deals. resolution bundles, if you will).

10 days left . . .

10 resolutions . . .

clearly a countdown is in order. so without further adieu, let’s begin!

resolution #1: better skincare

do you use clinique, drugstore products, another specialty brand, or an organic/natural alternative? image from
i’m starting with this resolution because i would LOVE some of your help/input! here’s the deal: i’m 5 months away from my 30th birthday, and am just coming to the realizations that:

1) i have treated my skin like ($*$&# for years. multiple blistering sunburns as a child/teen? check. failure to wear sunscreen even during marathon-length runs? check. living in the south? check, y’all. daily moisturizer? HA. facial wash? st. ives scrub once in a blue moon, and harsh salicylic acid cleanser . . . when i get around to it.

i know. this is not how a nearly-30-year-old should be treating her skin.

2) i don’t want to look old!! this is kind of sad: patients used to always ask me ‘how old ARE you!?’ and follow it with ‘you look way too young to be a doctor.’ thanks to the aforementioned sun damage AND the magical aging powers of residency itself (seriously), i really don’t get these comments anymore. instead, the most common question people ask is if i have kids (although given that most of my patient’s mothers are years younger than i am, it’s a fair question!).

i realize that it’s probably too late to erase ALL of the damage, but at the very least i would like to stop the acceleration down the path to wrinkly-leather-face (or, you know, SKIN CANCER). i would love your recommendations on:

☑ an everyday moisturizer with SPF that does not lead to breakouts

☑ a gentle everyday cleanser

☑ any other skincare product or tool that you have found to be amazing

i don’t mind investing in products, because if they are awesome then i will actually USE them. tell me what to get, and i will try it out! the fate of my face rests in your hands . . .

happiness rankings
a study recently published in science showed that subjective levels of happiness (ie, people’s ratings in a survey) actually correlate extremely well to objective measures of quality of life, such as sunshine, commuting time, and cost of living — at least in the US.

in the state-by-state rankings, southern states (plus maine, aimee!) dominated the top 10, and north carolina was #12. my future home of florida did well (#3!), but that’s probably because . . . what is there to complain about when you’re retired?

new york came in dead last. the new york times piece on the subject asks, “might contentment be overrated?”

seriously, NY? just how sour are those grapes? my answer to their question is a definite “no”, but then again i really don’t like new york.

research no more
off to FINISH the draft of my research proposal — my research month ends today! i’m actually completely happy to be back in the clinical realm. i definitely think that i need a good balance between clinic duties and more scholarly activities . . . hopefully i will be able to find that sweet spot in my career someday.



workout: 5.25 miles in the AM, average 8:29/mi. i think i went fast just to warm myself up! i figured that if i could get out there in the morning on the shortest day of the year in 27 degree temps, nothing would stop me. i forgot how much i love starting my day with an outdoor run . . . even a cold one.

culinary corner: it’s KERF WEEK in the ghost world kitchen. in planning the week’s menu, i just picked several recipes from her site that i had wanted to try! last night’s dinner was a super-easy salmon pasta dish — i chose this knowing that i wouldn’t want to make anything elaborate the same day as grocery shopping. link to kath‘s recipe page can be found on the sidebar.

whole wheat elbow-shaped pasta, spinach, peas, capers, and fresh hillsborough goat cheese (i subbed this for the laughing cow used in the original version)