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January 27, 2010

shameless plug
happy bake sale wednesday! i wanted to give one more reminder about the online bake sale auction for haiti organized by (the extremely amazing) diana at the chic life!

click the above graphic to check out the sale!

reasons you should shop this bake sale:
♥ 100% of donated $ go to support haiti via the red cross relief fund

♥ so basically, it’s just giving to charity, with a TASTY reward.

♥ some of the most amazing bakers in blogworld have submitted their wares! notable entries include angela, who built a business around her glo bars, and veggie girl, whose creations always make me drool (although i’d appreciate it if you DIDN’T bid on her blondies, because I WANT THEM!)

♥ i am donating a batch of california fruit bars, which are chewy bar cookies packed with the dried fruits and nuts of your choosing! they make a great energy-packed pre-run snack or healthy dessert, and are delicious (i promise). i can make them 100% whole wheat if you prefer.

night float #2
for those keeping track, tonight is just my second night shift. unfortunately, i couldn’t stay up past midnight yesterday, and then of course i woke up at 8 AM, hungry and raring to get out of bed.

i was actually feeling GUILTY about my inability to somehow magically conform to ths crazy schedule, until i realized how ridiculous that is. i haven’t been doing anything “wrong” — i can’t help it if i wake up when i do, and YES i’ll be tired in the middle of the night when i am on duty because that’s just the way the human body works.

and i refuse to apologize for that.

the truth is, i will probably get so tired after a few of these shifts that i will be able to sleep at any time — great. i guess. really, all i can offer is the best i can. on monday, i went in with great intentions (thanks, yoga!) which i feel like i kept up . . . until the morning, when fatigue won out. i started to resent my ill-defined duties and could have been a better team member.

i will try to keep my goals in mind for shift #2.

shubox Q&A: the story of josh
lots of you submitted great questions into the anonymous abyss (and you can keep asking, too, if you want!). the most popular topics were probably a) career/medical stuff and b) josh! i’ll start with the latter.

“i’ve always wondered . . . the story of you and Josh! How long you dated before he proposed, the length of your engagement, etc!

“i’ve always wondered . . . I know you met your husband in medical school, but how did you get together/start dating?

the story of how we met is actually a little bit . . . debateable. see, josh remembers meeting me at duke‘s second look weekend — a time in april (in our case, 2002!) when accepted applicants were invited to come and explore to help make that final decision about where to attend medical school.

he says that he talked to me about philadelphia (he had been a physics teacher in one of the outlying suburbs) and thought i was cute, but that i turned away to talk to another guy (who happened to be a very nerdy, overweight and socially-awkward kid) and didn’t seem super interested. sadly, i have no true recollection of this meeting.

several months later, i DO remember meeting josh right at the start of our pre-orientation camping trip! he was in my van, and i thought he was SO cute and seemed so interesting — unlike me, he didn’t go straight to medical school but spent six years doing LOTS of other things. we went on a (rather painful) hike up mount mitchell (commemorated on round 2 in 2008!), and i shared with him half of my packed peanut butter sandwich.

and the rest is history! no, not really. first, there was flirtation over email and IM, and finally i got the courage to ask HIM out on our first date! we went to kurama in durham which is rather hilarious looking back on it, but it was labor day and i think a lot of places were closed.

by the end of our first date, i was smitten. seriously, the first year of med school was basically a love-soaked haze for me – in the best way! at the time, it was borderline scandalous to be dating a classmate — but i think we were the first ‘class couple’ to become public at a party hosted at his (later our) house.

i moved in with him in april of 2003, we got engaged in 2005 (i gush the announcement in this post!), and married in 2006.

enjoying our own wedding festivities
and then we went to hawaii, which was pretty awesome.

i think honeymoons should be an annual occurance.
fast-forward to now, and we’ve made it through the better parts of 2 residencies — still happy + yes . . . still in ♥! a very popular question was about when we are planning to make little S+J babies. don’t worry: the answer will be coming your way in a later post.



workout: 6 mile progression run on the treadmill, 0.5% incline. my legs felt somewhat tired — night-shift fatigue, maybe, or just more yoga-related soreness?

per mile paces: 9:13, 8:57, 8:41, 8:27, 8:12, and then a cooldown mile at 9:13.

copout: sometimes it’s nice to just take the easy road.

spelt bread with avocado + melted gouda, with sides of local pickled okra + red pepper strips

reading: feeling to brain-tired to tackle endo, i took the Q&A route instead and did 10 board PREP questions, with the answers. the stars must have aligned because i somehow managed to get all 10 right! this never happens. i still had plenty to learn from the explanations, though.


  • Reply Jess March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Nice story! From what I hear, it&#39s rare to do much dating in med school. Great that you guys found each other.

  • Reply cara March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Not sure about other med schools, but the level of inter-class dating / engagement / marriage / divorce in my school is through the roof. I can name at least five couples out of my initial class of 100 who are now married, and a whole host of others who dated each other, let alone the dating of members of other classes.

  • Reply Allie (Live Laugh Eat) March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I love how there is controversy over where/when the first meeting took place. You were one tan chica in Hawaii!!

    I&#39ve never ever tried pickled okras. Are they good? I love okra! Are they slimy though? Because I think that&#39s the best part 🙂

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Ha, I asked the baby question too. There goes my anonymity!

    Where in HI did you go? We&#39re going to Maui. I&#39d love some tips on what to do if that&#39s where you went.

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