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January 17, 2010

great expectations
yesterday was just a roller coaster of plans changed, slashed, and re-routed! it all started with a phone call from siobhan — i had thought we were running on sunday, but apparently i had mixed things up. of course, it was a lovely surprise to be able to start my day with my sorely-missed running partner. i didn’t mind this changeover one bit!

now with a 7.5 month old, she is in comeback mode! we attacked a hilly route and had a wonderful time catching up on . . .well, everything. looking to be 100% back to pre-baby shape, i can’t believe that just 8 months ago she was this pregnant (side note: she is a badass and was able to keep running all the way through ’til the end). she is my future role model for a glowing, healthy, and active pregnancy!

beep, beep, beep
= the sound of my pager alarming as i drove to a resident’s baby shower. another resident wasn’t feeling so good, and called me to let me know that she MIGHT need me to cover her overnight PICU call. she was 100% trying to be nice by letting me know this, but it basically threw me into an anxious tailspin*. i was able to recover (ie, see yesterday’s post), but to be honest, it took a while to get to that point.

finally, i came to terms with the idea that i would probably have to take PICU call. i gained some much needed perspective, and even started to rationalize the up-sides of this fate (a free night later on, and the fact that staying up all night isn’t SO bad when you’re pretty rested to start). and then . . . the resident ended up feeling better and not needing coverage after all. it was quite the emotional roller coaster for me!

*oh, and to all of you asking why i hate that place? to be honest, i’m not entirely sure, but i just do. i associate it with bad memories, miserable and completely sleepless nights, and sad, sad cases. plus, the PICU is a lot harder when one DOESN’T know the patients — and i’d be jumping in cold. i would prefer a ward senior night or an emergency department shift – or even the NICU – ANY DAY!

other U-turns
while minor, yesterday’s surprises included not being able to see avatar 3d (sold out STILL? really?), and then a false-start on our dinner plans. finally, we ended up at sushi yoshi (right by our apartment for maximum convenience factor) and in bed watching the first episode of mad men (oh, i can tell i am going to like this show!).

as you might imagine, i like ordering list-style!
i also like seaweed salad. it tastes so GREEN to me!
speaking of green, i also enjoyed some green tea in this random AZUMA mug. azusa, this made me think of you!
i think sushi is among the most photogenic of foods. so colorful and organized — like a closet in real simple magazine
except for this messy explosion of a volcano roll. not so aesthetically pleasing, in my opinion. josh loved it, though!

mission accomplished
in spite of all of these ups and downs, it was a fairly productive day! we even ended up getting josh a new suit at the mall — after trying on models at banana republic and nordstrom, josh ended up with a lovely gray suit from jos. a bank.

he looked quite distinguished in this number in the gray color. perhaps even a little mad men-esque . . .
while in banana republic, a few items might have also caught my eye. i’ve decided that my new tactic is just picking things out when they are full price and just waiting to see if they will go on sale. if not, fine (then it wasn’t meant to be); if yes, awesome! i was mostly drawn to functional staple-like pieces (i find banana to be more useful for these, while anthro has the more fun, fashion-y finds).

this trench from the petites section fit me so well!
i liked this little motorcycle-styled zip sweater. i’d like it even more if it were half the price!
this jean jacket reminded me of my youth. in a good way.
and the dress fixation continues
off to enjoy my sunday . . . unless the dreaded banshee pager goes off, of course. i will try to deal with it gracefully if it does, though! on the agenda IF the little demonic box stays quiet:

★ 12 mile long run (in 58 degree weather!)
★ laundry (but of course)
★ general cleanup
★ early dinner party with s, j, and baby c!
cookie project?
★ reading! work on PCOS presentation for tuesday.



workout: 3.5 very hilly miles @ ~10:00/mi pace with s., then weights (i’m sore today!)
— pushups, 2 x 12
— walking double lunges, 8 lb weights, 2 x 12
— bicep curls, 12 lb weights, 2 x 12
— plie squats to tricep press (compound) with 12 lb weight, 2 x 12
— ab roll-ins with ball, 2 x 15
— seated rows, 40 lb weight, 2 x 12

reading: i have to confess, i did not read or study last night. between running, shopping, partying, being with josh, and hyperventilating over the possibility of PICU call, it just didn’t happen. i should have gotten it in early while i had the chance! a lesson for future saturdays . . .


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Here&#39s to hoping your pager doesn&#39t go off!

    I had sushi last night too. I think I could have sushi every night and be perfectly fine with that.

  • Reply Denise March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Enjoy Mad Men! It is THE BEST!!

  • Reply cara March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    haha, I watched the first few Mad Men episodes last night, too! 🙂

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    i loveeeeeee seaweed salad! and women&#39s trenchcoats!!!!!! 😀

    i&#39ve never seen Mad Men!

  • Reply HappyHourSue March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    OMG I was totally going to be a doctor/blogger/triathelete too.

    I&#39m just thinking I should master the blogging THEN go to med school. I&#39m not saying your way isn&#39t good too.

    Thanks for delurking! Say hi IRL to Martini Dad for me!

  • Reply Lele March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I totally agree about sushi being photogenic! I love when delicious things are also photogenic, it breaks my heart when I eat something yummy and the picture is horrible and I have to try and convey through words how good something actually was!

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