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January 24, 2010

hard-hitting interrogation
questions are rolling in . . . and so far, most of them center around one theme, which i’ve found interesting! at this point, there is nothing that i don’t want to answer. plus, you are all very polite and nice, too, even cloaked in the veil of anonymity. so go ahead — add your question/thought to the queue:

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i will plan on doing a compiled post next week.

spa mindset, regular day
while there was nothing remarkable about yesterday, i made a point of enjoying some purposeful relaxation and ended up having a wonderful day. i caught up on a lot of neglected blogs, desperate housewive, and with josh. today will continue along the same lines. in the works:

☑ laundry! luckily, i actually like doing this.
☑ weekly planning-fest: workouts/dinners/shopping list
☑ relaxing gym workout
☑ 4 pm yoga/pilates class with a
☑ reading — endocrinology “homework” this time. yay!
☑ at-home mani/pedi

OPI “mrs. o’leary’s bbq” on my toes . . . why not?

comeback dinner
last night’s dinner was definitely a success! it was a bit of a throwback, because josh and i used to host dinner parties (often on the elaborate side!) quite often when we lived in our old house in durham. sadly, since moving to an apartment we have done almost no entertaining — and i don’t think i realized how much i missed it until i was back in the game last night!

there is something just so satisfying about planning a menu, a ‘vibe’ (casual/relaxing, festive, or elegant? you get to decide!), and enjoying food and wine with friends in the comfort of your own home. last night i was definitely going for comfortable and casual, with a healthy twist (one of our guests is a pescetarian).

my guests were camera-shy (i didn’t ask outright . . . but i gathered) so all i have are pictures of the spread! the evening’s story, as told in food (and wine . . . plenty of wine).

i had to finish some kitchen prepwork, so i let our guests relax and dive into some appetizers + vino while i chopped, toasted, and mixed.

dr. krackers + local hillsborough cheese co. herbed ricotta
quivira rosé — last bottle from our CA trip
eventually, i was able to get out of the kitchen to let the lentils simmer and the scallops roast. dishes that incubate like this (safely, unwatched — as opposed to sautées and such) are great for dinner parties.

coming together: mark bittman’s roasted scallops with tomato and parseley, emily‘s curried lentils with sweet potato and carrots, and a simple spinach salad with hazelnuts, dried apricots, and homemade vinaigrette
it was a colorful, nutritious plate, and i think everyone liked it! the scallops were a hit, and the lentils were delicious (and SUPER plentiful — i sent my sister home with a full container, and we’ll still be eating those for a while!).

for dessert, i freestyled it with a mark bittman apple crisp recipe (added pears, approximated the rest of his ingredients). whipped cream came out at the end . . . i figured we might as well use up some heavy cream in the fridge.

it was gooooood.


workout: 10 mile long run (i switched saturday + sunday b/c of the rain forcasted today — definitely a good thing!). average pace 8:47/mi in the rolling CH hills.

reading: none — but as long as i hit the books today i’ll be 5/7.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Such a good idea!!! I could use an at-home mani! 🙂

  • Reply Marlow March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    DARN!! I&#39m going to Amanda&#39s 5:45 tomorrow! I&#39m in Charlotte visiting my sister for her birthday 🙂 Rain check for sure!! Love Franklin St Yoga

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