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January 19, 2010

grocery explosion
siobhan commented while she was visiting that my meal-planning/list-making looked like it took a lot of time. while there certainly is a weekly time investment, i find that for me, meal-planning and buying groceries ahead of time are the keys to healthy eating — something that i value highly and really do enjoy. most of the time, i have the process down to somewhat of an art form. i even wrote about it in detail here.

sometimes, though, i get a little crazy. it started off innocently enough:

but then i had the brilliant idea of going to harris teeter instead of my usual (beloved) WF. this way, i rationalized, i could pick up the non-food items on the list and the regular groceries in one go.

after all, one cannot live without these essentials. or at least i can’t.

but then, this happened:

i spy . . . many non-listed items.

oh well, it was fun. and we are stocked! of note, there will also be carrots, broccoli, apples, pears, and sweet potatoes on our doorstep later today from our local and organic weekly delivery service, bella bean.

um, anyone want to come over for dinner? you’re all invited.

i feel like i spent a fair chunk of yesterday lounging around (read: whittling down a large number of unread posts on google reader), but looking at the checked-off boxes in my planner, it appears that i got a lot done after all: 12 mile run, presentation (finished!), groceries shopped for, recycling/fridge cleanout, and a quick post-office run.

i even made some banana bread.

i think mondays should always be a catch-up day. wouldn’t that be fabulous?

by request: name pronunciation guide
maelie: maya-lee seems to be the leading phonetic spelling after much intrafamily debate. i really love the name! and no — she’s not named after ms. cyrus. although that would be cool, too! (aside: ‘cyrus’ is actually one of my favorite boy names, although i don’t think josh is on board.)

miss maelie’s mother is french (as in, born and grew up in france), so the name which is also french in origin meaning ‘princess’ fits nicely. i also think it goes beautifully with her sister’s name, which is margaux.

ciaran: keer-an is pretty much how it sounds to me. its origin is irish/gaelic and it means “black”, according to siobhan is half irish, so this is also very appropriate!

(and for those wondering how to say her name (also irish in origin) . . . well, i can say it, but i don’t even know how to write it phonetically and i don’t want to do it wrong! s, feel free to weigh in here.)



workout: 12 mile run with 4 miles at race pace
well, i didn’t feel great on this run, and i’m hoping that race pace will be faster tan the middle 4 ended up being! i just felt like i was lumbering/slogging along, and the whole thing felt harder than usual. overheating in the 60 degree sun? maybe.

miles 1-4: 9:18, 8:43, 9:00, 9:12
miles 5-8: 8:21, 8:45, 8:29, 8:28
miles 9-12: 9:16, 9:17, 9:15, 8:59

i also think i need to recalibrate my footpod. yes, again! sometimes i envy garmin-users . . . satellite is definitely lower maintenance.

dinner date: well, not “date” exactly — josh was at work. i met up with a (female) williams alum who is in the area and found me via the blog! it was a lot of fun to reminisce about college — we definitely knew a lot of the same people.

we had intended on going to six plates (haven’t been back since the big blogger get-together!), but they were closed. improvising, we headed to piazza italia nearby. i don’t always LOOOVE their food, but the atmosphere is nice and i figured it would be easy to get a light dinner there.

glass of italian pinot: totally answering my red-wine craving
spinach salad with mandarin oranges, gorgonzola, and pecans to share
also split: delicious bruschetta topped with parmesan, tomato, basil and finished with balsamic syrup
i think we made our waiter sad with our economical order (he was REAAAALLY trying to sell us some steaks!), but it was tasty and i think we both enjoyed it.

reading: finished my PCOS presentation! here’s a little graphic sample:


  • Reply HangryPants March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I think planning out the week is definitely helpful, but sometimes I just don&#39t do it.

    I know a Kieran – pronounced the same way.

  • Reply martinidad March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Your blog is making me hungry. And I am jealous of your multiple commenters…commentators? Commenters.

  • Reply BroccoliHut March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Haha, I go nuts at the grocery store all too often! I just can&#39t resist tasty healthful food!

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