woah, wednesday!?

January 20, 2010

food ruts
apparently, this is “let’s pretend this is a food blog!” week on the SHU box. i think i’ve been noticing food/nutrition a lot these past few weeks as several of my favorite bloggers have been embarking on resolution-fueled quests to clean up their diets in 2010. while my food resolution was to focus more on sustainability and eating slower (both counts are going just . . . okay, i would say), in recent days i’ve been inspired by these ladies to work on cleaning things up a little as well after a relatively indulgent holiday season.

i’ve also felt the need to work on getting out of some FOOD RUTS. eating the same things day in and day out:

✔ is boring
✔ is not the best strategy to get in essential nutrients
✔ does not take in account the bounty of the current season
✔ is boring

much like the above list. okay, so maybe the reasons aren’t thousand-fold, but they’re there. my personal food ruts include a super-repetitive breakfast of a whole grain english muffin with peanut or almond butter, plus fruit; i also tend to rely on amy’s wraps and pockets A LOT for lunch. these are tasty, but get tiresome (and are expensive!).

so, i’m trying to diversify my choices a little, and aiming to sneak in a few more healthy foods in the process. behold: a breakfast that included vegetables!! perhaps a first for me on a weekday.

flat-out wrap with scrambled eggs, spinach, low fat cheese + locally made salsa
any breakfast (or lunch!) ideas are welcome. any of you suffer from food rut-itis?

scutmonkey genius
michelle‘s latest comic strip had me laughing out loud at the computer screen. nurse-readers (susan and others!) don’t kill me — i know YOU would never do this.

for those of you familiar with her blog, you probably know that michelle will be publishing a book this year! i have always loved her writing and am super-excited for the release. now i heart her even more because she gave me permission to show her cartoons on my blog. generous AND hilarious: love it.

the shopping cart grows fuller
anthro, i see that you have many items on sale. but what about my picks? too springy? sigh. i’ll keep waiting patiently . . .

solar star blouse. i own very little yellow, and that needs to change.

this hourglass surplice looks like something i would wear ALL spring/summer

the ad infinitum is similar to a top i already love (in orange) and looks like it would be lovely for work.

work, shmirk
i’m not writing much about work because . . . what is there to say about me having to see 30-something males with issues, you know, down there? last time i checked, I THOUGHT I WAS IN PEDIATRICS.

today i am off to clinic at wake teen, where at least the age limit is 25. thank god.



workout: 35 minutes elliptical + 1 hour yoga/pilates class with a. after work (at the duke gym!).

clean eating: i switched up my dinner plans a bit because i apparently forgot to buy carrots + veggie broth (i knew monday’s shopping trip was sub-par!).

clean eating open-faced tuna + veggie melt
i dirtied up the recipe a little (ha) by using low-fat instead of fat free yogurt, 2 english muffin halves (i refuse to skimp on whole grain carbs), and local ricotta on top rather than reduced fat cheddar. it was still quite healthy and delicious!