assorted evening musings

February 2, 2010

a late, introspective post tonight!
as these night float weeks really are challenging ones for me, i am trying to really embrace a mindful approach to each day. pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, right?

a post from the mindfulist caught my eye and then came to mind multiple times during my post-call day:

entitled cringe, the post simply said:

“Is there one task you perform daily that makes you cringe? Pause to notice it this time. Then, take three breaths, relax around it and return to it.”

i saw this and realized that i cringe multiple times a day. honestly, it doesn’t even take much — i cringe on a dime. here are a few examples:

✖ when the kitchen is dirty and i see that i need to clean it

✖ when i hear about a new admission or transfer (sometimes even if i’m not going to be there to see them!)

✖ when my to-do list seems to be longer than my energy stores

✖ when i miss a green light

✖ ad nauseum.

i really, REALLY do not hate my life; actually, the opposite is true. and i don’t even hate any of the tasks or occurrences on the list above! i may be more tired than i would like during this particular 2 week period, but it’s temporary and i’m not going to keel over from sleep deprivation in this short of a time frame.

i think that in some ways, i (and many others) are just conditioned to have this inner #(*$&@# response to a VAST array of different stimuli: big or small, important or completely insignificant.

and i would like to work on changing this. so thanks, mindfulist. your post was much simpler than the ramblings i just splattered all over this screen, but it was very meaningful.

speaking of #(*$&@#

it’s my first anthropologie shopping cart casualty! no more tic tac toe in my size.

i mean, clearly this would fall into the category of “things worth $(*$&@#-ing about.” except not really. at all. i mean, come on! there’s always ebay . . .

new month, new cooking project!
i’m going to keep it simple for february. it’s going to be a busy month, with long(ish) hours and another week of nights. therefore, i’m going for easy and at my fingertips.

and, what’s easier than leaning a little bit on my favorite bloggers?

yes — this month’s recipe focus will be on making all of those dishes that i’ve “marked with star” on my reader but never got the chance to try out! this week will features recipes from faith’s an edible mosaic (one of the prettiest cooking blogs out there) and morgan’s live, love, eat & play (she writes with a voice that goes with the blog’s uplifting name).

if you are a blogger and have a favorite MUST-TRY recipe to suggest for me, let me know! i’m on the lookout for ideas and inspiration. and, simplicity and ease is a plus this month! sorry martha . . . i guess i’ve really moved on.

Q&A of the day
“i’ve always wondered . . .How the heck do you keep up with your fitness routine and crazy shift-work hours???”

well, my hours really aren’t always that crazy! just sometimes. for when they are, here are my go-to tricks:

planning out my workouts in advance — one week at a time! i allow for some flexibility, but i try to take a realistic look at what else is gong on for the week and decide exactly when and how i will get my runs/XT in. i do this every sunday.

work out post call. i always feel better after i run, and post-call is no exception. sometimes i REALLY have to convince myself of this to get my butt out the door, but 99% of the time it works (and is true).

work out in the AM whenever possible. i MUCH prefer morning workouts even if it means getting up well before 5AM. it gets the day started on such a great note, and takes away the end-of-day-stress about getting out “in time” to get the gym (i’d rather NOT be rushing to the finish line of my day). plus, i generally feel super-lazy after a long clinic day and i’d prefer to just succumb to my couch potato (fine, often bed-potato) instincts.

sometimes i don’t keep up and i just take a week to not push myself so hard. i don’t do this often, but when i just feel like my mind and body absolutely need the rest, i do. this almost always works to get me back in the mood for my normal routine the next monday.

hope this was helpful to whoever asked 🙂 the anonymous vortex is still open, and i have many ?s to go (i’m saving the juicier ones, of course!), so this will likely be a semi-regular feature for a while.



workout: 11 miles on the treadmill, 0.5% incline. thanks to real simple, this actually went by fairly quickly! speeds varied from 9:13 – 8:57/mi. i was supposed to do 13, but decided that 11 was enough for an indoor run (i was overheating like crazy, too — our gym is a little sunny OVEN). am i the only weird one who runs faster outside?

a little southwestern flair:
amy’s vegetarian chili + multigrain tortilla with avocado, gouda, and black beans inside
this was great except for the mediocre “low carb” tortilla. by accident, i bought a package of super low-cal, low carb tortillas (seriously big wraps for 60 calories each . . . huh?) and rather unsurprisingly, they just aren’t good. you get what you pay for in carbs, i suppose! i would not buy these again.

reading: i spent over an hour working on applying for my NC medical license instead. um, oops?


  • Reply Chelsea March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Way to go on the 11-miler on the treadmill, especially with such a crazy schedule. Inefficiency and waste make me cringe. My gut reaction is the get really irritated at the smallest things like someone leaving the gym shower dripping, or show drivers, or THE WORST- when someone leaves the soda mini-fridge door open in the line at Target/the grocery store. Ahhh! It&#39s making me crazy just to think about that one. Deep breaths…

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