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February 19, 2010

fashion friday!
enough about fatigue, the trials and tribulations of heme/onc, and my deteriorating lifestyle: it’s friday, and pretty spring picks are all over the internet, reminding me that sandal season can’t be too far off.

i tend to post a lot of dresses and tops (and sometimes shoes!), because honestly those are what i gravitate towards when i’m in shopping mode. as a result, i have a bit of an unbalanced closet — heavy on the dress section, and quite low on practical pairings for my bottom half. this may also be because i’m only 5’1″ and have proportionally short legs to boot, making pants and skirts a bit more of a challenge than dresses/tops (when i can often get away with non-petite sizing, depending on the cut).

while i am not planning any huge overhaul, in my fantasy world i’d start working on building up this neglected side of my wardrobe, with the intention of tailoring my finds to fit me. here are a few of the latest anthro pieces that caught my eye . . .

striped sailor pants. these look flattering and versatile.
close-up to show you that they really do live up to their “striped” name!
i find the new cuffed boyfriend jean somewhat springy and fresh, although i’m not sure how the look would translate on. worth a try, though!
the online description for shopping day pants suggests that you wear these pants while browsing for “heirloom produce” at the farmer’s market. ha, but i could see it.
the sailing hobbyist skirt looks so practical (and it comes in navy, too)! i imagine it would be long for me, but easy to have chopped to the right length.
not a bottom, but i just couldn’t leave this gorgeous kensington jacket out. unfortunately, it’s by leifsdottir and therefore costs an arm and a leg. sale, please?
questions, answered!
i could blither on again about fatigue and my current motivational issues, but i am pretty sure you’ve all had enough of that [especially as it seems that every week this month, i’ve started with the best of intentions, only to turn into a complete mess by wednesday afternoon. i’m ready to break out of this pattern!!]

anyway. instead i just wanted to answer a few of your (non-anonymous) questions from the comments! i have been terrible at responding to them lately — anyone know if there is a plug-in that would allow email responses to comments on blogspot? i think these things are limited to wordpress users, but i’m definitely no expert.

lu asked: “how is mindsight?” mindsight (see sidebar for details) is a book i picked up on a whim after reading about it in elle magazine. it has life-changing claims on the cover and sort of looks like a self-help tome, but the inside is more of a series of case studies used to illustrate how our neural processing affects how we fare in various situations. so far, it seems like it’s just using a lot of science jargon to say what thich nhat hanh says much more elegantly, but i’m only 2 chapters in. i’ll give a full report if when i finish!

chelsea asked about the little schedule templates i post (such as near the top of this post). these are not something i make — they are just screen-shots of the online scheduler used in our residency (the cutely named “” — as in, am i on?). it’s not all that pretty, but it works.

caroline and meg remarked that they were surprised that i straighten my hair, and meg wondered if i had a head full of tight curls before.

i have been getting my hair japanese straightened (or “thermally reconditioned”, depending on which term you like) since the fall of 2007 (ie, ever since i started getting paid to work rather than paying to do so). the process is pricey and time-consuming — it involves 4-5 hour hair appointments every 4-5 months or so! however, it saves me so much time on a daily basis in that i can blow-dry in 5 minutes or less, and it is the only way i can wear my hair DOWN without it being crazy.

while i did rock the little orphan annie look as a toddler, i don’t have curly hair really – more like wavy and frizzy and just BIG/disorganized in its natural state. other than the rare occasion when i would take the time to flatiron it (and it takes upwards of an HOUR to do right, i have so much hair), i wore my hair up in a ponytail or bun for pretty much 1998 – 2007.

so: for me it’s worth it! while i am sure the chemicals they use are harsh, my hair actually seems healthier (an illusion, i’m sure, but one i like!). and in case anyone was wondering — though people often think my reddish color is fake, i do not get it dyed or highlighted. and growing up i hated it!

off to run! happy friday . . .


  • Reply Heather @ Side of Sneakers March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    This makes me want to go shopping….I could use a good pair of jeans 🙂

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    i absolutely love those striped sailor pants. think they&#39d work on someone with long legs too? although i prolly couldn&#39t afford it as a college kid hahaha

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