facts of life

February 28, 2010

you take the good, you take the bad . . .
please tell me i’m not the only one out there old enough to remember this show! my favorite was tootie, although i had also thought jo was pretty cool. anyway. it’s been quite a mixed bag over here over the last 48 hours . . .

♥ i survived my NICU shift, earning the aforementioned camera (which has now been ordered and should be on its way!)

✘ i came down with some kind of cold mid-day and spent most of the shift in pure survival mode

rhinovirus, as depicted by giantmicrobes
♥ i had some sudafed with me! (the real kind, not the phenylephrine pictured)

✘ i felt HORRRRIBLE upon arriving home

♥ i feel 10,000 times better now after sleeping for about 15 hours!

✘ i missed hanging out with jessica, diana, allie, caroline, lacey and margaret at guglhupf last night!

♥ but, many of us will be getting together soon again next weekend.

✘ none of the babies needed intubating last night! i’m talking ZERO opportunities.

♥ great for the babies!

✘ bad for me.

fact or fiction?
the lovely meg gave me this award several days ago — catching up on her blog, i just noticed it today!

in addition to acknowledging this honor (thank you meg!), i am supposed to write down 7 ‘creative’ facts about myself: actually, 6 outrageous lies and 1 truth.

here goes:

1. i own over 500 CDs, and they are meticulously organized and catalogued

2. i bought my wedding dress for $3000 but made it all back by selling it on ebay

3. i once starred as audrey in little shop of horrors

4. i was born with a tiny extra digit on my left hand. it was removed and luckily, i was left without any obvious scar.

5. i got my drivers license ON my 16th birthday.

6. i learned to bake bread from my mom, who once owned a bakery specializing in healthy whole wheat and rustic sourdough loaves

7. i broke my arm skiing in 9th grade.

which one is true? GUESS away . . . i hope i made it at least somewhat challenging!

and now, my nominees for this award:



run sarah




and anyone else who would like to play, of course!!

happy sunday!