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February 4, 2010

on the rebound: crisis averted
i actually didn’t really crash last night. in fact, i had a fairly smooth and pleasant call night (as call nights go, anyway). i have to say i have been blessed with FANTASTIC interns this month (and yes, i would say that even if i didn’t know there was a sliver of a chance that they — or their colleagues — might read this).

seriously, the interns i have worked with these past 2 weeks have been smart, caring, conscientious (almost to a fault), and way more energetic than i have ever been or will ever be at 2 am. sure, there is grousing (most of it 100% justified), but for the most part they have had good attitudes despite a very busy winter season (RSV, you can feel free to vacate the area at any time now).

i slept nearly 5 hours, interrupted only by a couple of nighttime consults from the intern (we were sharing a room, which actually worked out great — it’s awesome when i can just dole out advice on little things from my bed and fall back asleep!) and another lucky blood draw on a baby for the other team at 3 AM.

2 night shifts left. i can see the light at the end!! hooray!

sweat like it’s 2009
hey, remember ms. jillian and her mean-but-efficient 30 day shred? i had kind of put her drill-sargeant antics out of my mind — a little exercise PTSD, perhaps? but i brought this oldie-but-goodie back this evening. as it turns out:

■ it’s still hard as $*(&@# for me
■ she’s still mean
■ i’m better at dealing with it.

lessons from yoga? numb from sleep deprivation? who knows, but i’m glad. i’m also happy to have rescued this classic from out of the dust-pile. it’s great for post-call when i don’t feel like leaving the apartment.

musical notes
i’m totally late to this party, but i just discovered vampire weekend (at kara‘s recommendation – hi k if you’re reading this!) and i’m in love with their latest album contra!

animal collective mixed with death cab? or something like that. i need to play it several more times before i really know it well, but on first listen it just had the sound of something that i know i’m going to be repeating multiple times on my iPod!

as ridiculous as this sounds, i avoided listening to them before because i don’t like the word ‘vampire’ but . . . now i’m over it. check it out — you can listen for free on their website.

i’m also excited because i found out that my favorite southern music nerd:

is coming to raleigh in march to perform with the NC symphony! so cool. if you’re interested, buy tickets now because they look like they are going pretty fast.

i have such a soft spot in my heart for ben folds: i love his piano playing skills, his voice, and the fact that all of his older songs remind me of college, singing along to his first three albums at the top of my lungs. i even sang the solo to “brick” with my a capella group (um did i just admit that? yeah, i guess so).

Q&A of the day
okay, this is a more serious one.

“i’ve always wondered . . .Once you said that you were looking for running partners and that, in effect, ‘Republicans need not apply.’ Were you serious about that?”

honestly? i don’t know WHAT i was thinking when i wrote that . . . or more appropriately, i must not have been thinking at all. maybe i was in the throes of election fever and thought it was funny, or maybe i had just had a frustrating debate with someone that i didn’t see eye-to-eye with. that said, i truly apologize for this statement (i think i did in my blog back then as well), and NO i absolutely did not mean it in any way seriously!

i know many wonderful left and right-wingers. as long as they are respectful (which i WASN’T when i wrote that — again i really regret ever writing it at all!), then i think it can be great to get together and have useful dialog. OR, get together and just talk about other common ground (like . . . running, for example!).

one of my favorite running idols (and partners, when i’m in the area) is my aunt, who is a die-hard republican from new orleans. which goes to show that the only true requirements for a running partner are that they like running and conversation, and are willing to go slow enough that i can keep up.



workout: 6.5 mile tempo run on the TM, 0.5% incline
– warmup mile @ 9:13/mi
– 2 mi @ 7:53/mi
– 0.5 mi recovery at 9:30/mi
– 2 mi @ 7:53/mi
– cooldown mile @ 9:13/mi

cooking up a storm (alternate title: for you and what army!!??)

i know. but it was efficient (just chop everything at once!) and i’ll enjoy getting a nice break from cooking until next week.

faith‘s award-winning stove-top southwestern mac ‘n’ cheese — seriously, she won $500 for this. and now i know why! check out her recipe here.
served with a bit of leftover amy’s chili to use it up — a nice accompaniment
reading: prep for the MOCK CODE i facilitated today! it went well (go a!). i was relieved to go into it at least semi-rested rather than delirious.


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