it’s not always easy

February 10, 2010

perspective. perspective. perspective.
okay, i’ll just come out and admit it: i’m feeling totally stressed out and overwhelmed right now. operation yoga + wine was a total fail, as my partner in crime came down with a wicked case of what looked like food poisoning, and i didn’t get out of the hospital until 30 minutes after yoga class started.

no matter how much i try to corral everything into to-do lists and plan things in manageable stages, my head is swimming with half a dozen projects and commitments [research proposal! senior talk! QI project! morning case report! procedure issues! medical licensure stuff! BOARDS!] and it just feels overwhelming. i need TIME to work on these things, and i don’t see any peaceful blocks up ahead in the near-enough future.

my parents-in-law are coming this weekend (hi B + S!), which is wonderful, except it necessitates an apartment cleanup, and i feel like josh and i are going to be terrible hosts since we will both be working half the weekend. i miss josh, who is on nights again, and there is some career stuff (his, not mine) that is eating away at me daily and won’t be resolved for at least a couple of months.

my patient team right now is large and doesn’t show signs of shrinking, and i will be playing “resitern” for the next 2 mornings. i feel like i don’t know the details of all of the patients as well as i would like to, and i hate that.

finally, the weather is completely disgusting and i seem to have lost the motivation to get up early to work out, which is usually the only thing that keeps me going in times like these.


and, i feel horrible about even writing that, because hello? i’m taking care of kids with cancer, and this happened not even a month ago. perspective. perspective. PERSPECTIVE, for #($*&$’s sake.

omg. okay. so.
wow, that just all came flowing out. guess i probably could have used that yoga class last night, huh? i am sitting here right now trying to breathe and take things one step at a time, and i will try my best to do that today.

wish me luck.



workout: none [SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DON’T RUN? endorphins are like my prozac.]

i thought that eating some of this for dinner might help:

but really, it didn’t (it was delicious, though). with some crackers + baba ghanoush, i almost had all 4 food groups . . .

reading: no.