triangle blogger bash, take 2!

February 6, 2010

the weekend highlight
admittedly, the rest of this weekend’s activities won’t provide much competition for last night’s event [long run + long shift = the end]. but last night really was tons of fun. i can’t wait for our next meet-up, which (i think) josh and i will be hosting!

this evening differed from our first gathering in that april and caroline were absent (and sorely missed!), but we had far more Y chromosomes among us — 4, to be exact.

i worried for about 5 seconds that the boys would get bored while we chatted about dorky blog-related things . . .

but i think they got along juuuuuust fine.
here’s lacey, showcasing jessica & andy’s beautiful kitchen
meg playing with finley . . . or is that wilson?
enjoying the wine + the company
now being that this was a party for a group of photo-happy foodies, here comes the spread! of note, this party was sponsored by digiorno, who wanted us to compare their frozen pizzas to delivery.

it was very nice of them to provide us with free ‘za — thanks, digiorno! but because they specifically asked for the comparison, i’m going to have to be honest and say that i’d still rather have lilly’s, brixx, loop, or rockwood any day.

(or, um, amy’s. but i won’t belabor this point any further!)

this traditional cheesy pie (with cheese-infused crust!) was my favorite of the bunch
and, i appreciated that some of the pies incorporated some veggies
meg brought a salad with fixings including apples, avocado, feta, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. perfect pizza accompaniment.
my favorite snack of the evening was jessica’s spicy beer cheese dip + pretzel crackers!
these great harvest bars are courtesy of kath and matt who brought them (and accidentally left them at my apartment!) 2 months ago. they came out of the freezer tasting fresh + delicious. wished the baker + his wife could have been there too!
yes, this is josh + my dessert plate — sugar coma much? at least we shared.

the rest of today
well, seeing that it’s 12:33 and i have to be at work at 5pm, the weekend is going fast. i’m off to tackle my long run (hopefully beating the wintry mix predicted for our area.

then: last overnight call — for 2 weeks, anyway.

Q&A of the day
“i’ve always wondered . . . If you didn’t go into medicine, what career would you have wanted to pursue?

at one point, i wanted to be a psychologist. i also briefly flirted with the idea of going into something music-related, until i realized that i pretty much hated to practice. now, i think my top alternate career choice would be a writer of some kind. i’d love to write medical or lifestyle-related content for a newspaper or magazine, or even a book someday!



workout: nada — rest day!


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