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February 14, 2010

what’s even more amazing than rainbow-colored roses?

a willing (and cute) amateur florist to arrange them!


josh’s parents were in town, so we made a little v-day brunch:

valentino’s blend from local fair-trade coffee co. larry’s beans
the spread: cheeses, fruit, yogurt, french toast + a floral centerpiece
my (first) plate. yogurt/fruit with french toast is something i grew up with + love!
xtreme closeup of this xtremely delicious banana-stuffed french toast with (non-negotiable) puddle of real maple syrup
i can’t remember the last time i’ve had a sweet + decadent breakfast, as i usually gravitate towards eggs and other savory things when we go out for brunch. it felt completely indulgent and delicious.

other things in the color of the day

mom: this one is for you! there were actually THREE of them!
a weird day
brunch aside, today has been a bit of a weird/bittersweet day. it was lovely seeing B + S (josh’s mom + dad), but the visit was very short and unfortunately B was SICKSICKSICK for the last half of it.

it was also wonderful having josh back for 2 days (partially – he still had to round each morning), but it felt like he was on lease, as he is back on nights for one more week. he was also completely (and understandably) exhausted.

after our brunch party, we spent a very quiet afternoon in our little apartment. i did some cleanup and S and i watched an interesting french movie, summer hours. i chose it because it was on a list of paste’s top 25 movies of 2009 that i have taped to the fridge. it ended up being a leisurely and thoughtful flick, full of objets d’art, which suited the mood well.

now, the house is empty and also CLEAN, which pleases me. i feel like i can prepare properly for the coming week — mind, body, and space. more tomorrow!



workout: none. i worked out only 3 times this week. and i think i needed the break.

a much more favorable review
i have to write about a better restaurant experience to make up for this place, right? (martinidad, your comment cracked me up!)

luckily, B + S took us out to dinner last night (6 other family members/friends were in attendance as well!) at renowned durham standby, nana’s. josh and i had been there once before, but not in the last several years. now years older and more worldly (ha), i was curious to see how this classic would measure up to the “new guard” durham restaurants that i have come to know and love: watts grocery, rue cler, and revolution, to name three of my favorites.

i was encouraged by the diverse italian-inspired menu right at the start.

there were so many fabulous-sounding options!
warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere with colorful art on the walls
wine! the pinot noir was my favorite, and i probably could have done with a little more restraint on this front. oh well, i’ve recovered now.
the dark bread was noteworthy for a fantastic spicy kick. LOVED it!
josh and i shared a scallops ceviche appetizer which was refreshing and different
S enjoyed his paté plate and even gifted me a PICKLED OKRA
my entrée choice: red snapper with octopus (!), white beans, and gnocchi. this was beautifully cooked and presented but was a touch too salty (and i typically like salt.)
dessert! josh and i shared coconut pound cake with marscapone cream + mandarin sorbet. i actually didn’t love this, but the decaf coffee was excellent.
overall, it was a great meal — food, wine, atmosphere, service and especially company! i would definitely go back to nana’s again, especially if i were in the mood for a good mix of comfort and class.


  • Reply Allie (Live Laugh Eat) March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Sarah!! Those are the most beautiful bunch of roses I&#39ve ever laid my eyes on! Rainbow makes my heart flutter 🙂

    …okay that was corny. Your brunch looks spectacular! I just found a recipe for stuffed french toast–gotta get on it.

    How come your one dinner photo is so bright and pretty? Was it from the flash?

  • Reply atillla March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    got home safely and B&#39s in bed . Had a great time, loved the game enjoyed the movie (x2) and breakfast. We both felt bad to be a drag today. Thanks for all

  • Reply Susannah March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I don&#39t particularly care for bananas, but that french toast looks AMAZING! Gooey in the middle even. Also, I can sympathize with having your husband on "lease." Mine is not in medicine but works crazy hours for 3-4 months of the year and it definitely gets tiresome, even if (like me) you enjoy alone time sometimes.

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