one truth, revealed

March 1, 2010

fact vs. fictions
i LOVED seeing your guessed answers to my ‘which one is true?’ quiz! to recap, the following list contains one truth and six lies. and no one guessed right, although i am glad to see that the answer will make claire happy!

1. i own over 500 CDs, and they are meticulously organized and catalogued. LIE. actually, i own zero CDs. my whole collection is digital and it is neither organized, catalogued, nor fully backed up (i know: BAD.) marathonmaiden, you are right that i prefer to buy whole albums but i buy them digitally off of iTunes, not in physical CD form! one of my ‘someday’ projects is to back up and organize all of my music. probably when i move to my next laptop, eventually.

2. i bought my wedding dress for $3000 but made it all back by selling it on ebay. LIE. would have been cool, though! the dress i liked happened to be very inexpensive, as wedding dresses go. and it’s still hanging out in the ‘archival’ box in my closet. i want to break it out for a wedding dress party . . . or halloween.

3. i once starred as audrey in little shop of horrors. TRUTH! suddenly seymour, indeed. i acted in several plays and musicals at williams, but this was my only leading role. it was a slightly ridiculous production, but i had a lot of fun doing it.

[side note: my FAVORITE EVER role that i played in a show was rapunzel in into the woods, with a huge heavy yarn wig for hair and a witch mother played by a flamboyantly gay bernadette peters wannabe. seb arcelus, who has since starred in rent on broadway (seriously — check out his own wikipedia page!) and become very famous, played the baker. crazy!]

4. i was born with a tiny extra digit on my left hand. it was removed and luckily, i was left without any obvious scar. LIE! thankfully.

5. i got my drivers license ON my 16th birthday. LIE. i didn’t have my act together as a teen and i procrastinated on this one until i was nearly 18.

6. i learned to bake bread from my mom, who once owned a bakery specializing in healthy whole wheat and rustic sourdough loaves. LIE, but i could imagine it. my mom is an excellent and hardcore home baker, but she has never done anything commercial with her talent. also, i’ve never really learned to bake bread well, apart from some calzone crusts and pizza dough!

7. i broke my arm skiing in 9th grade. LIE — i did break my thumb doing a back handspring into a table in 10th grade, though. i’ve never injured myself skiing although i am absolutely graceless on the slopes and tend to fall often.

march in the kitchen
this year, instead of an elaborate cookthrough, i’ve just been choosing a monthly theme to help inspire our weekly recipes. january was devoted to this splendid table cookbook, and february was recipes from blogland.

a rundown of february highlights:

morgan’s egglant parmesan

mama pea’s spicy african peanut stew

kath’s pistachio and goat-cheese smothered chicken

faith’s stovetop southwestern mac ‘n’ cheese

it was a rough month, so the list isn’t long, but i enjoyed making all of the above recipes! and what’s next, you ask?

march: back to my old friend cooking light magazine. before doin’ time, the majority of my recipe ideas came from this very useful subscription. i’ve really missed the easy and healthy inspirations that are packed into each volume, so this should be a great month!

happiness project?
an astute anonymous commenter yesterday mentioned the happiness project, suggesting that it looked like something that would capture my interest. a little exploration of the site was enough to show me that gretchen rubin’s ideas are right up my alley (although alas: why didn’t i think of them first?!).

i look forward to reading and learning more about the project and will write more about it in a future post. thank you, anonymous!



well, i’m not sad to be leaving february behind. is anyone!?

workout: 9.13 miles, average 9:14/mi pace . . . that included some walking. this is NOT typical for me and i think i was not over my virus! luckily, i made it home in one piece . . .

restaurant spotlight: panzanella we couldn’t decide where to head to dinner last night! i wanted something similar to what i would make at home, but without all of the dirty dishes. i also wanted a casual but cozy atmosphere. few places actually fit those requirements around here, but panzanella in carrboro was an obvious choice.

cozy? check. anniversary balloons? check. love the inviting atmosphere.
i started my meal off right:

life is too short for champagne to be just for ‘special occasions’
silky and slightly sweet butternut squash soup
crusty rustic italian bread, perfect for soup-dipping
salad with smoked trout, tomato, baby greens, house-made croutons, and bleu cheese dressing
josh was into this trout filet so quickly that his fork was a blur. a taste confirmed that this was in fact, divine.
this meal fit the bill on all counts. i wholeheartedly recommend panzanella for fresh, relatively simple REAL food in a lovely atmosphere. with no dishes to clean after dinner!

reading: i am in trouble — my senior talk is in 16 days and i am only in the beginning stages. starting now, i need to:

a) create a plan of attack
b) devote some serious time daily to this project until it is complete

nothing like a little fire lit under me to spur some serious learning time, FAST!


  • Reply Susannah March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I am a Cooking Light subscriber as well and find their recipes perfect for weeknight cooking–usually because they don&#39t call for many specialty ingredients. On another note, I enjoy your restaurant reviews..we pass through the Raleigh/Durham area about twice a year and if you ever have time (seems like you have a ton of extra time of course:)) you should totally make a restaurant page or link, etc. I&#39d love reading all of your reviews!

  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I&#39ll have to check that book out.

    I thought I was on to something with the CD guess. You are so organized that I was sure that was the right one.

  • Reply BroccoliHut March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Alright, you are officially now the coolest person ever in my book. I LOVE Little Shop of Horrors. "Feed me Seymour!" Loved learning more about you!

  • Reply atilla March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    by the way what ever happened to that great bottle of champagne we never drank

  • Reply Kristan March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Ditto me for #5, hahaha. What a fun game!

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