hip to be painless

April 18, 2010

springing to life
the weather conditions were just so perfect yesterday — sparkling morning sky, light breeze, and just the slightest crispness left in the air — that i uttered, “oh GOD yes!” out loud just steps into my run. luckily, no one was around to hear me.

chapel hill in the spring: a wondrous place. [image credit]
the run itself was lovely. my footpod was out of batteries, so i had no speed data to hurry me along (funny how that works, isn’t it?). i just ran by feel and kept thinking about how good it felt and how grateful i was that my body let me have that experience.

5 miles later, i finished my loop and my right hip was bothering me a little bit. not anywhere up to this level, but it was a soreness in a familiar place, so i will have to heed the warning to be careful.
hello, iliopsoas tendon. i liked it better when i forgot about you.
interestingly, this is the third year in a row that this injury has flared just as the weather has gotten gorgeous. i remember wailing in some post about being ‘doomed to limp through spring’ at one point (dramatic much? sorry). i’d blame increasing mileage outside, but this actually hasn’t really been the case — i ran more over the fall/winter of this year while i was training for thunder road.

regardless of etiology, i am going to be proactive since i know where this can lead. plus, this might the push i need to go back to more variety in cross training, strength, and yoga, so i will try to see it as a positive.

i’m also going to get in with my chiro who does active release technique, since it helped me so much in the past.

distraction tactics
in the meantime, to avoid dwelling on injury issues, i will turn to the tried-and-true trick of distraction. hey, look at THIS!

how sad am i that this suit is backordered until after our st. martin vacation??
these are cute, but might be scandalously short. can you still wear things like this when you’re 29.9? i say yes as long as the top half is kept demure.

shift stories
i am happy to report that was able to keep my cool (and my flow) through a busy shift yesterday! we even had some interesting cases to make it a little more fun. and THEN ALLIE totally made my day by dropping off her new tropical bars to taste test!! yes, she came to the hospital and i ran outside in my scrubs to greet her and obtain the loot. it felt like we were doing some sort of official hand-off — except instead of a fresh heart to transplant, it was nutty/fruity goodness. awesome.


  • Reply Anonymous March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    i totally think that suit and shorts are awesome and that you can totally wear them. 🙂

    and i&#39ve heard about ART before from around the bloggy world but no one really gives a good description of what it is and i feel silly asking the same person over and over again to explain. care to take a crack at it? hahah 🙂

  • Reply Run Sarah March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    Sorry to hear about your hip pain – I had reccuring injuries, especially just as the weather is getting nicer! So cute of Allie to drop off the bars – they sound awesome.

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