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April 11, 2010

circadian backlash
i’m no stranger to the wee hours of the morning. i’ve actually been known to set my alarm to (purposely!) wake me at 4 AM in the name of clinging to my morning rituals while working in the NICU and PICU. but this is the first time i’ve ever turned out a loaf of banana bread before the clock struck 6:

mini loaf (recipe) made out of an overripe specimen that just stared me down, begging to be turned into a baked good.

unfortunately, i was up MUCH earlier than the time it took to make this fragrant loaf. i suppose that’s what happens after sleeping 9 hours post-shift during the daylight hours yesterday. i’ll probably try to nap later, and then go to bed at a normal-ish time tonight? luckily i have two days get back into a normal routine!

happiness musings
i’m still plowing my way through this book, and i’m continuing to feel inspired by it.

i will apply some of the author’s wisdom and reframe this morning’s happenings. sure, 2:30 AM isn’t the ideal wakeup time. but it gave me a chance to clear out my google reader (!), read, and bake. i’ll get to enjoy my long run this morning while it’s still crisp and cool. and the nap i will most certainly be taking will be nice.

sometimes consciously reframing things can be a powerful tool, at least for me. i didn’t learn this from the book, but i’ve noticed that switching the phrase ‘i have to’ in my head to ‘i get to’ can completely change the way i view a task or situation.

“i have to study for boards” ➜ i get to take the time to really solidify the knowledge i’ve accrued over the past few years, with the BONUS of getting to fill one of my pretty notebooks with notes [note: i have no shame for how nerdy this sounds.]

“i have to do the laundry” ➜ i get to spend time doing a relatively mindless task in a leisurely fashion. with hulu in the background, if desired . . .

“i have to make dinner” ➜ i get to use real ingredients and get the benefits of relaxing while chopping, prepping and putting together a delicious meal.

“i have to go for a run” ➜ i get to spend some time alone, in nature (or in the gym, enjoying a magazine), which will have the lovely side effect of clearing my mind and energizing my body.

while “i have to clean the toilet” and “i have to answer this 3AM page” are somewhat greater challenges, i believe that thinking about things in this way really can make daily living more enjoyable — or at least bring to my consciousness the fact that life really is to be savored.

enjoy your sundays! anything you are able to successfully reframe, or wish you could?

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  • Reply stompthrupuddles March 10, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    I&#39ve been reading the archives! I&#39m a third year medical student (almost 4! yes.) & a good friend just started grad school at UNC & I love food & running (poorly…), so I was curious about your progression through the medical-timeframes. (ie internship….)
    It&#39s a huge relief that you still did things outside of the hospital that year!

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